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Magnetic stripe cards are common cards that we see nowadays and are currently useful in various fields

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Magnetic stripe cards are common cards that we see nowadays and are currently useful in various fields. Magnetic stripe cards can actually be divided into high magnetic stripe cards and low magnetic stripe cards, but what is the difference between them, here is the card cube to distinguish it.

Magnetic stripe cards are common cards that we see nowadays and are currently useful in various fields

Magnetic stripe hospital cards

So-called high magnetic (HICO) cards are encoded with 2750 or 4000 Oersteds for low magnetic strength; (LOCO) cards are encoded with 300 Oersteds for strength.

Low magnetic resistance 300oe, high magnetic resistance 2750oe, domestic magnetic stripes are mainly used in Lekai, Alfa, Ami and natural. Kuhl magnetic is mainly used for import . Low resistance magnetic stripe card is ordinary magnetic stripe, while high resistance is to strengthen the magnetic stripe card. High resistance magnetic stripe card is better than low resistance magnetic stripe card, longer use time and difficult to demagnetize durable. The usage is the same.

At present, the magnetic stripe resistance (high resistance expensive point) is widely used in the market. Magnetic stripe cards are generally used as identification cards, which can write, store and rewrite information content and have the characteristics of high reliability, high recording density, low misreading rate, fast information input and reading speed. Due to the relative ease of use, convenience of use and low cost of reading and writing information on magnetic cards, they were developed earlier and entered several application fields.

According to ISO7811/2 standard, the first magnetic channel can store 76 alphanumeric characters, read only after the first write magnetic; the second magnetic channel can store 37 digital characters, read only; the third magnetic channel can store 104 digital characters, readable and writable, bank cards are used to record account balances and other information. The location of the three magnetic channels on the card is international standard ISO strict regulations 007811/5.

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