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Smart card company card production price details

The types of cards, models, materials, prices also vary, the common membership cards, magnetic stripe cards and other cards for ordinary cards, the price is cheaper, the production of card procedures are relatively simple, so the membership card in many retail industry is very popular.

Heres what we know about price differences in cards made by Smart card companies.

The price varies according to the material. PVC material is the most common card-making material, which is cheap and of good quality, so it is very popular with retailers. The general price is 1~50 cents (the price of the card is also based on the card process, the number of cards, card size to decide), followed by PET material, PET material is relatively rare in China, the use of its card customers are also relatively small, its price is more expensive, but PET belongs to the environmental protection materials, ordinary PET card price in 40~60 cents (according to the process, the number of decisions)

Metal material, the common use of the group is mainly hotels, clubs, metal will be the use of brass as the metal material using leading new technology electrophoresis technology, after polishing, corrosion, electroplating, colour filling, drip glue, packaging and so on flowing operation procedures refined metal card. It can be implanted with a chip and its price ranges from $5 to $15.

Drip material, common cards are access cards, a card and other cards, beautiful and elegant, feel good, can be implanted with a chip, currently has a large market. Prices range from 2 to 3 yuan.

Card type.

Ic card models are also relatively large, the price is also different, the common ic card is divided into contact ic card and non-contact ic card, different models, the price is also different. For more details, please consult our customer service website.

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