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RFID current technology is widely used, and now UHF RFID the technology is ready to be applied to the construction site people-like attendance management system

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RFID current technology is widely used, and now UHF RFID the technology is ready to be applied to the construction site people-like attendance management system. Let's take a look at the functions of UHF RFID construction site personnel attendance management system.

RFID current technology is widely used, and now UHF RFID the technology is ready to be applied to the construction site people-like attendance management system

Analysis of the function of the UHF RFID construction site personnel attendance management system

RFID technology chip

Construction site in and out of the channel installed UHF RFID card reader pasted in the construction personnel helmet RFID passive electronic tags, wearing helmets in and out of the channel automatically sign in or return. The main hardware and software include: RFID card reader 1-2 units, RFID desktop card issuer 1 unit, RFID has several electronic tags, a set of management software, several sets of network cables and other auxiliary materials. UHF RFID the technology has the characteristics of reading several tags at one time, strong permeability, read and write many times, large data memory capacity, low cost of passive electronic tags, small size, easy to use, high reliability, long service life, etc.

Functions of UHF RFID attendance management system.

1.Label initialization

RFID blank tag itself does not represent anything, so the first task of RFID application system is to have a unique ID number of RFID tags associated with each actual goods one by one, tag ID identity and personnel identity binding, so that each person has its own identity.

2. Attendance information management

The RFID technology and system can collect the data of personnel entering and leaving the construction site in a timely manner, so that the data is timely and accurate. The management of basic attendance information can be formed, query attendance sheet and export of attendance sheet excel.

3. Security warning

Illegal access to people without cards, the system automatically warned. At the same time, record the rewards and punishments of employees and units, and register the classification of security incidents and query statistics. Warning the number of violations outside the system settings. Serious cases can enter the blacklist.

4. Assigning relevant permissions

Construction site, you can assign construction personnel card permissions, can send electronic tags, lost and other operations through the management system; construction personnel must go to the designated management office for electronic tags, identity registration and other data backup.

5. Attendance rules management

Different enterprises can set up corresponding attendance rules according to their specific conditions and systems, add data in the basic rules table and modify the basic rules table. Set the basic commuting time and swipe card number, as well as the corresponding rules of late arrival, early departure and overtime work.

6.Leave management

In the system in the system, including adding and deleting leave, customizing leave category, leave approval, and realizing query function according to department, individual and other query conditions.

7.Statistical query

According to the data of employment records, payroll records, attendance records, training records, safety accident records, reward and punishment records, meal records, attendance inquiries, accident inquiries, training inquiries, etc., it provides effective management means and various project management reports for project management. Related technical links: What is passive RFID, what is active RFID, and what are the differences in applications?

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