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Magnetic stripe readers are common to us and are usually very common in supermarkets

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Magnetic stripe readers are common to us and are usually very common in supermarkets. You often use magnetic stripe cards in supermarkets, so there will be a magnetic stripe card reader. Magnetic stripe card reader is used to read and write magnetic card and passbook magnetic stripe information, which can be widely used in finance, post and telecommunications, commerce, transportation, customs, membership card consumption and points consumption.

Magnetic stripe readers are common to us and are usually very common in supermarkets

Technical indexes of magnetic stripe card reader.

1)Magnetic card standard: ISO7811-7815

2)Decoding mode: F2F (FM)

3)Swipe card speed:10-120cm/s

4) Magnetic head life: ≥ 600,000 times

5)Power supply voltage: DC5V±5%

6)Power supply current:≤35mA

7) working environment: temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH

Features of the magnetic stripe card reader.

1)The card reader can read the card in both directions.

2) Power supply from the computer host, no external power supply.

3)Light-emitting tube indication and buzzer beeping to identify the success and failure of card reading.

4)MIND-400 series magnetic stripe reader ANSI/ISO standard.

5)Read and transmit magnetic card and barcode information.

6)With one, two, three track information reading function.

7)Keyboard emulation interface:can be mated to IBMPC/XT/AT and compatible machines. Keyboard emulation installed between the keyboard and the computer, its function is similar to the keyboard, the keyboard operation is not affected. When using the query machine alone instead of pressing the keyboard, it can fully simulate the PC and boot without error.

8) PS2/USB port output, directly from the keyboard or USB port to take power, no external power supply, easy to use.

In fact, the magnetic stripe reader card machine can read cards in both directions. Magnetic stripe reader, magnetic card reader and magnetic card reader are almost the same concept. Magnetic card reader is a device used to read magnetic card information. There are names such as magnetic card reader/device, magnetic card reader/device, magnetic card reader/device, magnetic card reader slot, magnetic card reader/device, and magnetic card checker/device.

At present, in addition to the production of contact card manufacturer, card cube is also a professional card manufacturer ic card, inductive ic card, non-contact ic full magnetic thin card, thin visual card, IC visual card, magnetic stripe visual card, ID card, ID thick card, CPU card, keychain card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, hospital medical card, campus IC card, bus ic in addition to community access card, super membership card and other smart cards We also produce magnetic stripe card reader, ic card reader, id card reader and other card reader equipment.

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