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Magnetic stripe cards are also commonly referred to as magnetic cards

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Magnetic stripe cards are also commonly referred to as magnetic cards. Magnetic cards are a common type of smart card that uses a magnetic carrier to record English and numeric information for identification or other purposes.

Magnetic stripe cards are also commonly referred to as magnetic cards

Magnetic stripe card is a card-shaped magnetic recording medium that works with various card readers. The magnetic card is a card that uses a magnetic carrier to record certain information for identification or other purposes. Magnetic card can be divided into different substrates PET card, PVC card and paper card three; according to the magnetic layer structure, can be divided into magnetic stripe card and fully coated magnetic card.

The working principle of magnetic stripe card.

The magnetic induction strength remaining on the magnetic card Br magnetic card plays a decisive role in the working process. The magnetic card passes through the working head with a coil at a certain speed, and the external magnetic lines of the magnetic card cut the coil to produce an induced potential in the coil, thus transmitting the recorded signal. Of course, the signal recorded in magnetic card operation also requires a wide frequency response, low distortion and a high output level.

A very thin metallic straight line can be used as a simple playback device. The metal line is placed close to the magnetic card and oriented perpendicular to the direction of operation of the card. When the magnetic card is running, the metal line cuts the magnetic line to generate an induced potential, the magnitude of which is proportional to the cut magnetic line. When the running speed of the magnetic card is kept constant, the induced potential of the metal straight line is proportional to the residual magnetic induction strength on the surface of the magnetic card, and the induced potential in the conductor is proportional to the

Magnetic stripe card security issues.

1. Poor confidentiality and security of the card

The information on the magnetic stripe is easier to read and easier to illegally modify the content on the magnetic stripe, so in most cases, magnetic cards are used as static data input (e.g., basic information on personal bank accounts, etc.). Although the third magnetic track can be read and written and has a quantity field, it is only used for small quantity applications, such as telephone cards.

2. Magnetic card application systems require the support of reliable computer systems and central databases in the financial industry. Magnetic card as a financial transaction card, generally with a strong and reliable computer network system, the amount, transaction records and other information stored in the financial institution's computer database. The card held by the user only provides index information such as the user's main account, making it easy to quickly find user data in the database.

Magnetic cards are easy to use, low cost and versatile, and can be used to make credit cards, bank cards, subway cards, bus cards, ticket cards, telephone cards; electronic game cards, tickets, airline tickets and various transportation expense cards. Today, we will use magnetic cards in many occasions, such as dining in cafeterias, shopping in shopping centers, taking buses, making phone calls, entering controlled areas, etc. Related product links: supermarket membership card mall stored value card canteen restaurant restaurant restaurant restaurant card

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