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A magnetic stripe card is a card-shaped magnetic recording medium that works with various card readers

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A magnetic stripe card is a card-shaped magnetic recording medium that works with various card readers. A magnetic card is a card that uses a magnetic carrier to record certain information for identification or other purposes. The commonly used fields at present are membership cards, etc.

A magnetic stripe card is a card-shaped magnetic recording medium that works with various card readers

Membership magnetic stripe card

The working principle of magnetic stripe card

The remaining magnetic induction strength Br magnetic stripe card plays a decisive role in the working process. The magnetic card passes through the working head with coils at a certain speed, and the external magnetic lines of the magnetic card cut the coils to produce an induced potential in the coils, thus transmitting the recorded signal. Of course, the signals recorded in magnetic card operation also require a wide frequency response, low distortion and high output levels.

Since the use of magnetic stripe cards is subject to interference from many external magnetic factors, the following issues should be noted in use.

1. Magnetic stripe cards in wallets and wallets are too close to the magnetic clasp, or even in contact with the magnetic clasp.

2. Too close to or in contact with the magnetic clasp of ladies' purses and men's handbags.

3. Contact with the address book and notebook with magnetic seal.

4. Contact with the magnetic clasp on the cell phone cover, car keys and other magnetic objects.

5. Long time with cell phones and other devices that can generate electromagnetic radiation together.

6. Too close to TV, recorders and other household appliances with strong magnetic field effects.

7. Supermarket use, and supermarket anti-theft demagnetization equipment too close or even contact.

8. When the magnetic stripe card is put together, the two magnetic stripe contact each other.

Stored value magnetic stripe card

In addition, the pressure of the magnetic stripe card, folding, long time collision, exposure, high temperature, magnetic stripe scratches and dirt will also make the magnetic stripe card can not be used normally. At the same time, the cleanliness of the magnetic head, aging degree, interference during data transmission, system action error, and improper cashier operation may lead to the use of the magnetic stripe card during card transactions.

At present, the confidentiality and security of magnetic stripe cards are poor, the information on the magnetic stripe is easier to read and the content on the magnetic stripe is easier to modify illegally. Therefore, in most cases, magnetic cards are used as static data entry. So now are ic card instead of magnetic stripe card, IC through the key parameters written on the chip to identify the card, IC use the card, must be through and read-write equipment between the unique two-way key authentication, higher security. Related product links: ID contact card electronic tag ic card

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