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The production cost of magnetic stripe card and barcode card is much lower than IC therefore

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The production cost of magnetic stripe card and barcode card is much lower than IC therefore, it is welcomed by small and medium-sized enterprises with low customer flow and small customization. Each enterprise with characteristics should determine the use of the card according to the actual situation. The following are the differences between magnetic stripe cards and barcode cards.

The production cost of magnetic stripe card and barcode card is much lower than IC therefore

Magnetic stripe card: standard PVC card with magnetic stripe, low or high resistance magnetic stripe, can be read and written. Magnetic stripe generally only records the card number, combined with smart card management software, card reader and computer, forming a membership magnetic card management system, which is the lowest cost management system available.

Barcode card: standard PVC card plus a barcode, barcode has 128 codes, 39 codes and other common codes, originally similar to the magnetic card, also recorded a non-repeating card number. However, due to improper use, the bar code is relatively free of demagnetization trouble.

Different functions.

Magnetic card: If only the membership card number is recorded, the function is the same as the barcode card. In addition, the magnetic stripe of ordinary magnetic stripe card has three tracks, which can record different information, which is incomparable to barcode cards in terms of security and confidentiality.

Barcode card: The back side is usually printed with a barcode, which records only a fixed number. It is used for identification purposes only.

Different recording methods.

Magnetic cards record the card number with a magnetic stripe as the medium, which can be rewritten by a card writer and read by a magnetic card reader.

The barcode card records a fixed different number by printing a string of Taio codes, which cannot be rewritten, and the card is read by a barcode reader or laser scan gun.

Different preservation methods.

Since magnetic cards are recorded with magnetic stripes, they may be demagnetized due to improper use, so they should be preserved more carefully than barcode cards.

As long as the barcode card is not worn out in use and the barcode graphic is intact, it can be used.

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