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Visible cards are new technology products made of heat sensitive materials

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Visible cards are new technology products made of heat sensitive materials. Magnetic stripe visual card takes magnetic stripe as information carrier and adopts the most advanced card technology. Through a layer of thermal film, the visual information is printed on the card surface, repeatedly swiped and written 500 times, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, with a certain degree of flexibility, easy to carry, stable and reliable in use.

Visible cards are new technology products made of heat sensitive materials

Magnetic stripe visual card production standards.

Data specifications: AdobeIllustrator or PhotoShop, CMYK, 350dpi resolution

Card design data should be 58mm x 89.6mm, with 2mm" bleed on all sides;

The finished card size is: 54mm×85.6mm

Erasable surface size: 38.0mm × 55.6mm inline or horizontal

Magnetic stripe width: the distance between the magnetic stripe and the edge of the card is 4mm

Magnetic stripe position: when the print side is up, the magnetic stripe card is on the right side

Advantages of magnetic stripe visual card.

1) The magnetic stripe card increases the thickness and material hardness. It will not affect the use due to bending.

2)The magnetic stripe card has been used in the banking industry for many years, with mature cases and wide market recognition.

3)Some production process can be added to the surface of magnetic card.

4)It significantly improves the wear resistance.

Disadvantages of magnetic stripe visual card.

1)Magnetic stripe cards as magnetic cards will inevitably be affected by strong electrostatic field or strong magnetic field.

2)As the non-printing surface covers the magnetic stripe, it occupies part of the card surface. It will affect the printing effect of the non-printing surface.

3)The magnetic stripe confidentiality performance is poor.

4) Not high temperature resistance, close to the heat source is easy to return the word.

Magnetic stripe visible card application industry: K catering, retail, entertainment, automotive, club SPA, baking, bar, SPA, use lending and other chain environment.

Visible card can also be divided into magnetic stripe visual card, IC visual card, silver visual card and other types. Now Shenzhen card cube is a professional production of ic card, id card, cpu company can customize all kinds of visual cards according to customer requirements, making visual card + ID card, visual card + IC card, visual card + magnetic stripe card, visual card + ME1 card, visual card + various types of visual cards, such as membership cards, it is easy to achieve a card multi-purpose, multi-card in one, according to your requirements, free to design a unique Smart card.

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