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Membership card production process

One: Confirm the manuscript

The manuscript provided by the customer can be: jpg, psd, pdf, cdr, and other picture formats, it should be noted that it is best for the customer to provide clarity in 300dpi or more pictures


Second: out of the film

The front and the back of the plate file - separate plate. Paper card: a collage file can be placed 42 card space, pvc: a collage file can be placed 25 card space

III: Plate making

It is a generic term for the reproduction of the original manuscript into a printing plate. In our factory refers to the process of using the PS plate used in the printing press with film sunlight, the most factors affecting the quality of the printing plate in the plate making, mainly the concentration of developer, development temperature and development time, as well as the circulation of the developer stirring, the degree of fatigue decline of the developer, etc.

Four: printing

1、Offset printing

Membership card printing offset printing for CMYK four-color printing technology, CMYK is red, yellow, blue, black four colors, four-color printing is based on red, yellow, blue, black four colors, with each other and produce a variety of colorful colors.

Screen printing

2、Silkscreen printing    

For single-color printing, you can produce a color card alone, in the card industry screen printing is generally used to produce gold background, silver background, signature strip, anti-counterfeiting process.

3、Silkscreen + offset printing

Due to the process requirements of some cards, similar to the gold bottom, silver bottom of the card, must use screen printing + offset printing to produce, the production order for first screen printing, after offset printing

Five: laminated magnetic

The magnetic stripe is a special process of making magnetic stripe cards, referring to a process of attaching the magnetic stripe to the card. Magnetic stripe.

There are two types of magnetic stripe: high hyper (2750 OE) and resistant (300 OE). In the production, we must pay close attention to the type of magnetic stripe indicated on the production sheet to prevent the wrong magnetic stripe from being laminated.

6: Laminated

Lamination is the process of laminating the three pieces of card material (front) + middle + back (back) with a laminating machine.

Seven: intermediate process production

The difference between the medium-term process and the post-process is that the medium-term process is to do some processes on the design of the card surface, such as the hot stamping of the LOGO, the LOGO in the order of each card is the same. The later process is to do some personalized, differentiated processes, such as flat code, it is required that each card number (such as membership number) are different

Eight: card punching

Card punching refers to the process of cutting and shaping the printed and laminated PVC material.

Nine, post-production process

The post-production process is mainly to do some personalization and differentiation of some processes

1、Flat code

Flat code is thermal printing technology, most cases for black, but also can make gold, silver flat code. Flat code can make text, numbers and barcode according to the content of the document.

2、Convex code

Convex code is made by machinery with physical punching force. Convex code is divided into large convex code and small convex code, can be hot stamping gold, hot silver. Convex code can only produce English letters and numbers

3、Jet code

Jet code is made by the jet code machine, according to the content of the document to produce text, numbers and bar codes

4、Laser code

Laser code made by the laser marking machine, according to the content of the document to produce text, numbers.

5、Signature strip

6、Magnetic strip (high hyper or bottom hyper)

7, hot stamping or hot silver and other various processes, the above process if you can not meet the needs of customers, please contact our customer service staff in a timely manner, we will promptly solve for you.

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Membership card production types


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