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Membership card production types

Membership card management system is quite popular in many retail industries at present, it can not only provide your stores exposure, but also make customers come back to spend again and create more benefits for the store.


For the current retail industry, the membership card management model is becoming more and more popular and competitive, so how can you keep your business at the forefront and attract more consumers and new and existing customers? Then one has to consider the marketing model of the store and the quality and novelty of the cards. First of all, lets introduce what materials are available for membership cards?

Production of membership card materials are: PVC material, PET material, PC material, etc. Relative to PVC, PET and PC material is relatively good, and is an environmentally friendly material, PC material can make transparent membership cards.

The production of membership cards, the type of card production?

The production process of membership card, card requirements, card design can be made according to the requirements of customers. In the production of membership cards, we can make barcode membership cards, magnetic stripe membership cards (high hyper magnetic or bottom hyper magnetic), smart membership cards, IC membership cards, drip membership cards, shaped membership cards and other types. Feiyue smart card Guangzhou largest smart card company, fast delivery, provide free design.

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Membership card production process
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