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Membership card design and production, professional production of various smart card manufacturers

Membership card production.

Membership cards can be made of PVC, PET, metal materials, PC and other materials, at present most domestic use PVC to make membership cards.

PVC membership card: PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. hard PVCs surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity, etc. are close to the index of engineering materials. Soft PVC is generally used for wallpaper, flooring, ceiling and the surface layer of leather. Hard PVC becomes brittle at low temperature, sensitive to strain and cannot fully recover after deformation: soft PVC becomes hard at low temperature and has poor thermal stability. Poor environmental protection, high temperature will be released containing HCL gas. Environmental hazards, the industry has begun to phase out PVC card-based materials, due to the lower cost of PVC production, is now also widely used.

PET membership card: PET is a colorless and transparent material with high hardness and toughness. PET film material is low specific gravity, non-hygroscopic, high insulation and transparency, superior mechanical properties, small processing deformation, phase roost wear resistance, good chemical resistance, the card surface finish, long service life, while PET is an environmentally friendly material. The cost is high, and is not widely used.

Drip membership card: drip membership card is generally made of ABS material, can be made into different shapes, feel good, beautiful and generous.

In the production of membership cards, the card can be implanted with a chip, can be attached to the magnetic stripe, barcode, personalized convex code (English letters plus number), personalized flat code, signature strip and other various processes.

Membership card design.

1, bleeding bit setting: because our card area is small, so the bleeding bit also leaves less position, 2mm around each is enough. But because our partners are more, at the same time for the bleeding bit requirements are also different, therefore, we often need to do different bleeding bit processing for different materials of the card different partners of the beer board. In general, we will make 90 * 58 with bleeding size (finished size + 2mm bleeding size).

2, color mode considerations: traditional printing are CMYK four-color printing, so any other mode we have to convert to CMYK, but we will often encounter UV printing or spot-color printing, or special processes, if we encounter this situation, we need to be in the process of the film, we need to respectively for its special department out of grayscale mode or monochrome. At the same time, for the cutting line alignment line we have to deal with four-color black, while the beer board line we deal with a single black mode. In our processing over kind, black word is a special case, it is not handled properly, will cause the font blur, misalignment and so on, it is necessary to deal with a single black overprint (PS called positive overlay background), so this is the most common place we need to deal with.

 3、Member standard size design: 86* 54 mm (CR80 ISO standard), can also be customized according to customer requirements of various shapes of the card

Thickness: 0.76 mm (CR80 ISO standard), also can make 0.3 mm / 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.6 mm etc. thickness.

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