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Magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, the advantages of the existence of each

IC card, also known as integrated circuit card, smart card, smart card, is a chip set in the surface or set in the internal card, IC card has been one of the hot products in the international electronic information industry today, in addition to the commercial, medical, insurance, transportation, energy, communications, security management, identification and other non-financial fields are widely used, the application in the financial field is increasingly widespread, the impact is very far-reaching.

At present, the financial IC card is being promoted with more efforts, and many first-tier cities have already realized a card in hand, unimpeded travel. The promotion is expected to be completed in 3~5 years.

Magnetic stripe card and id card only "card number", and does not have any security function. Magnetic stripe card is divided into high hyper magnetic and bottom hyper magnetic, high hyper magnetic price performance is better, such as the magnetic stripe used by the bank card belongs to high hyper magnetic.

The difference between magnetic stripe card and IC card

1. IC cards can store data in the chip of the card, and most of them can be encrypted, and the data is stable, not easy to be copied, longer to use, longer to keep, not easy to be damaged by external factors, and beautiful.

2、With the development of smart card industry, magnetic stripe card will be eliminated by banks soon, because the security performance of magnetic stripe card is poor and easy to be copied, so IC card will replace magnetic stripe card as a bank card. However, general shopping malls and supermarkets will use magnetic stripe cards as membership management, because the cost of magnetic stripe cards is low, and easy to manage, easy to promote.

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