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Magnetic stripe cards magnetic track introduction

The magnetic stripe on the magnetic stripe card is the carrier of information, according to international standards, the magnetic stripe is divided into three tracks, the first track can store 76 alphanumeric characters, and is read-only after the first write magnetic; the second track can store 37 digital characters, but also read-only; the third track can store 104 digital characters, is readable and writable, bank cards are used to record account balances and other information.

   For businesses, many choose the second track magnetic to write information, because the second track magnetic stripe in the middle, will not deviate from the track, easy to read information.


   Magnetic stripe cards are generally used as identification cards that can write, store, and rewrite information content, and are characterized by high reliability, high density of recorded data, low misread rate, and fast information input and readout. Due to the relatively simple and easy information reading and writing, easy to use and low cost of magnetic card, it has gained development earlier and entered into several application fields, such as finance, finance, post and telecommunications, communication, transportation, tourism, medical care, education, hotel, etc.

 Magnetic stripe cards are divided into high-octane magnetic and bottom-octane magnetic stripe.

 Low-premium magnetic stripe card: 300oe .  This kind of magnetic stripe card is cheap, easy to use and easy to manage.

 High hyper magnetic stripe card: 2750oe , high hyper magnetic stripe card relative to the low hyper magnetic stripe card, the price is relatively high, but the magnetic stripe preservation time is longer, the information written in the card is not easy to lose.

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