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Hospital cards are common and used by many patients

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Hospital cards are common and used by many patients. So, what are the uses and benefits of hospital cards? This is something that many patients do not know or understand.

Hospital cards are common and used by many patients

Let's take a look.

Beijing hospital consultation card mainly integrates patient information, medical information and all aspects of hospital services into a unified management platform. Patients' detailed information is recorded in it. During their treatment in the hospital, they use the card for various medical examinations, medication, treatment and payment. The system that uses the medical card is part of the hospital information system. Swiping the card avoids the hassles associated with text input and solves the cumbersome medical and medical information management problems.

Previously, hospital consultation cards used magnetic stripe cards or magnetic stripe card IDs but with the continuous development of technology, hospital consultation cards are becoming more and more functional, not only recording patients' medical records, but also assuming certain payment functions. Beijing hospital consultation card uses inductive IC which is not only safe but also easy to operate. The following are the advantages of Beijing hospital consultation card IC card.

1. Convenient operation

Due to the non-contact communication, the reader can operate within the range of 10CM card, so there is no need to insert the card, very convenient for users. Sensing card in the use of no direction, the card can be in any direction through the read-write surface, can complete the operation, greatly improving the speed of each use.

2. High reliability

Inductive type IC card and read-write no mechanical contact between, avoids contact read-write caused by a variety of failure. For example, due to card insertion rough, non-card insertion, dust or oil caused by poor contact. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of the non-contact card, so there is no need to worry about the chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other problems, which not only facilitates card printing, but also improves the reliability of the card.


Induction card has fast anti-collision mechanism, can prevent the card between the data interference. Therefore, the reader can handle multiple inductive IC cards at the same time. This improves the parallelism of the application and actually improves the working speed of the system.

For places like hospitals where there is a high flow of people, the requirements for the treatment card should be fast and easy to operate. Under normal circumstances, it is requested that inductive IC as a hospital diagnosis and treatment card requirements, the treatment card requirements, not only has storage function, and the operation is very convenient, and more importantly, the security is relatively high, which is also a concern for many patients.

If as much as Card Cube is a hospital consultation card manufacturer, the consultation cards provided by Beijing hospitals are well received by the hospitals in terms of quality and design style. Now card cube not only produce hospital consultation card, but also produce non-contact products ic full magnetic thin card, thin visual card, IC visual card, magnetic stripe visual card, ID card, ID thick card, CPU keychain card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, hospital consultation card, campus IC card, bus ic welcome all kinds of smart cards and related card reading equipment, such as card, community access card, super membership card, etc. Related knowledge: ID card and IC card what is the difference?

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