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Whether it is a smart card such as a membership card or a bus card

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Whether it is a smart card such as a membership card or a bus card (except for special-shaped cards), we will find that they can be completely overlapped together, which means that their sizes are the same. In fact, there are certain industry rules in the process of making smart cards.

Whether it is a smart card such as a membership card or a bus card

Card structure:

Card structure: The card is made of PVC as the basic material and various auxiliary materials.

Plastic card: PVC with a certain thickness is used as the card base, and other processes are added to the PVC.

Magnetic stripe card: Attach a magnetic stripe on the PVC surface.

IC smart card: Embed electronic modules on the PVC base.

Contactless card: Electronic modules and coils are built into the PVC, the modules and coils are invisible.

Personalized card: Print different information such as patterns, photos, text, barcodes, etc. on the PVC card base. ,

Standard Card Specifications:

Length: 85.47-85.72mm

Width: 53.20-54.03mm

Card Thickness:

Magnetic card (executive standard: ISO7811): 0.76±0.08mm

IC card (executive standard: ISO7816): 0.81±0.03mm

Non-contact IC card (executive standard: ISO1442): 0.86±0.03mm

The size of the above cards is generally the international standard size of 85.5mm×54mm, and the thickness can be adjusted appropriately according to customer requirements.

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