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PVC material show

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) granular rubber material is a multi-component plastic, because the content of each component is different, the appearance varies greatly. There are transparent materials and opaque materials: some are soft and flexible and resistant to folding; there are also hard and rigid materials with excellent mechanical properties. Most PVC is slightly toxic, but food-grade PVC adhesive granules are also available. 

    PVC can be divided into soft PVC and rigid PVC. rigid PVC has surface hardness, tensile strength, and rigidity that are close to the index of engineering materials. Soft PVC is generally used for wallpaper, flooring, ceilings, and the surface layer of leather. Hard PVC becomes brittle at low temperature, sensitive to strain and cannot be fully recovered after deformation: soft PVC becomes hard at low temperature, has poor thermal stability and degrades by heat


    In a variety of new card-based materials gradually promote the application of the same time, PVC card-based materials still occupy a large proportion of the market share, this is because of its low production costs, a variety of superior performance, PVC film can be printed without almost any treatment, hot press molding, so still get a lot of applications, PVC materials for the card surface need to print magnetic stripes, signatures or raised letters and holographic logo IC card. But its environmental protection is poor, high temperature will be released containing HCL gas. The industry has begun to phase out PVC card-based materials because of the environmental hazards.

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