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IC card health card production!

According to the Chengdu CDC. Chengdu districts of the CDC began to intelligent. IC health card. The card is a PVC material similar to a bank card. There are photos and related information of people who have passed the medical examination.

IC card health certificate production!

Health certificate using printing paper, then plastic seal confidential seal qualified certificate and photos to prevent water immersion. The operation steps are tedious, printing, cutting, pasting photos, plastic sealing and other steps are time-consuming and laborious; more and more health certificate management departments choose the CDC PVC material card type, which is easy to carry and convenient to keep. The surface of the health certificate must be printed: photo, name, gender and other information. The site needs to be collected and filed quickly.

I. The production of health certificates in two steps.

1. Information collection, electronic photo collection, name and other basic personal information

Information collection includes: electronic photo, name, ID card information, contact number, etc.

Information collection hardware: second-generation certificate reader, fine shooter (on-site photo or paper photo flip)

Collection software: Skold V certificate management and production platform system

2. Information printing - Print basic personal information on the surface of the health certificate.

After inquiring about printable records, the health certificate template is preset into the system to print and produce certificates.

Certification hardware: Health certificate printer and related consumables

Certificate management production platform system

Second, IC answer card health card issues

⒈ this technology to print the image can be erased?

A: The technology is the principle of thermal sublimation. Yellow, red, blue, black synthetic images and text after adding another layer of resin protective film, so that the image is waterproof, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, not erasable.

What are the consumables of the peal equipment?

Answer:The ribbon and health card are daily necessities. The required quantity is determined by the number of card production. The life of the environmental ribbon is generally five years, can be used with the purchase. The print head of direct printing technology card printer is a consumable part. The theoretical life of the print head can be printed 100,000 times, each color card printed 5 times (yellow, red, blue, black, laminated 5 times), that is, the theoretical life of 20,000 sides. The first year print detection warranty. Pay attention to cleaning the device every day as required (cleaning tools are included with the supplies).

The print head of transfer technology card printers has a long life because it is not affected by the flatness and cleanliness of the card surface. Some professional transfer technology printers have a lifetime warranty on the print head.

How to choose a printer with practical direct printing technology or a printer with transfer printing technology? Should I choose a single-sided or double-sided health certificate printer?

Answer:If the annual card issuance is around 50,000 cards or even more. And centralized card production, it is recommended to use the products of transfer printing technology.

If the annual card issuance is around 10,000 units on average, a practical product can meet the demand.

Although there is information on both sides of the health certificate, the individual variable data is concentrated on one side. When health cards are produced, the static content is pre-printed in advance, so a single-sided health certificate printer can meet the demand. This allows for maximum savings in ribbon costs.

Can I cut out IC health cards?

Answer: Both contact IC cards and all mainstream RF-based IC/CPU cards can be produced with this solution. After printing the image, a step is added to the card issuance authorization process. When the card issuance volume is high, the health card printer can also choose the corresponding card writing module to achieve simultaneous completion of printing and card writing.

IC health card does not need to change the card every year, as long as the annual medical examination after writing information IC chip can be.

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