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The six advantages of ic card access control system!

Many communities are concerned about the security of the area because access cards are being copied. At present, the access card has been copied. ic card a card access control system program has been introduced to bring great comfort to peoples hearts!

 ic based on non-contact induction card a card access control system program IC card identification technology is a powerful intelligent network access control system, by the governance system, controller, sensor reader, electronic lock, etc., employees holding a legitimate sensor IC card can be opened by IC authorization of the electronic lock automatically controlled by the card reading device.


At present, the access control system replaces the traditional mechanical lock, reducing the trouble of key management and effectively avoiding the loss of keys. At the same time, can record and query employee information, and ordinary mechanical locks have unparalleled advantages. Advantages of ic card access control system program.   

1. Safe to use   

Mechanical locks can be easily unlocked by keys or other tools easily or other tools. ic controller controls the opening and closing of electronically controlled locks by transmitting encrypted digital information.   

2.Governance security   

For security reasons, the keys of mechanical locks can be easily lost or run out. IC card access control system only needs to lose or cancel the lost card.   

3. Easy to use   

A card can replace all the keys in the system. As long as a card is authorized, the card can be accessed through all authorized areas. The trouble of finding keys when opening the door without having to bring a lot of keys.   

4.Convenient governance   

Save the trouble of configuring keys and assigning keys. Just set the permission, you can easily plan the access rights of employees. Check the access of employees in each area at any time through the governance software.   

5.Flexible system   

Additional functions are not possible with ordinary mechanical locks. If a committed traffic time is specified, traffic is not allowed even if the key is available during the non-committed time, thus further improving security. Linkage with other systems improves the flexibility of the system.   

6. Science of governance   

The system truly records the time and place of entry and exit of employees in and out, and can query the control area employees at any time. ic card access control system applications are developing rapidly.   

IC card access control system program design ER-981C access control system, each import and export using two card reading devices, requiring employees to pass the period swipe card, easy to track the activities of employees.

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