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IC card application:IC meal card!

⒈ ic meal card

IC card applications: IC meal card!

IC meal card in the campus, factories, national enterprises and institutions and other units prevalent IC a card, can be used to buy meals, cooking and eating in the designated place, the use of very convenient. Many universities use one not only can function as a meal card, but also can be used for shopping and spending in the school as proof of identity.

The ic meal card is usually an inductive IC card, which is a kind of radio frequency card. The meal card management has its own charge management system, and can also be upgraded to part of the consumption function of the one card system for dining, shopping, and debiting.

Peal canteen dining IC card common chip (specific use M1 chip or ID chip depends on the customers card reader.

①M1 card (S50FM11RF08 card) technical parameters.

 Operating frequency: 13.56MHz

Storage capacity: S50 card 1024 bytes, 16 sectors, 4 blocks per sector

 Protocol standard: ISO 14443 A

 Erase life: 10000 times or more

 Data retention time: 10 years

②Induction IDic meal card performance indicators.

Operating frequency: 125KHZ

Protocol: ISO18000-2

 Storage space: 0 storage, id card is readable, can not write the card, with a unique identification code

 Erasure life: more than 10000 times

 Data retention time: 10 years

 ic meal card production.

Size: 855540.84mm (standard size) can also be made according to customer requirements Siamese card, non-standard card, drip rubber card.

Appearance: The surface can be printed with patterns, LOGO, company name and other company or personal information; the appearance can be designed according to customer requirements.

Encapsulation material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG

Optional process: gold base, silver base, hot stamping, hot stamping silver, flat code, convex code, laser code UV, four-color printing, etc.

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