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IC card application: Fitness card!

Fitness card is a membership card issued by fitness centers (yoga gym, tennis room, billiard room, table tennis room, badminton room). Fitness membership card service is a popular service management model. VIP card can improve the return rate and loyalty of customers and make them feel the noble value.

Fitness cards are designed and produced by fitness centers and gyms, and set up as different types of cards such as annual fitness cards, monthly fitness cards, fitness VIP cards, fitness membership cards and fitness sub-cards. Different cards store different amounts of money, you can order different times of membership services and enjoy different preferential treatment. For example, fitness VIP card stored value of 1000, can enjoy 20% discount, fitness membership card stored value of 100 yuan, can enjoy 10% discount. Fitness membership cards can help companies to better manage fitness members and attract new customers. Therefore, fitness membership cards are widely used in gyms, fitness centers and health clubs across the country.

Fitness Membership Card

Fitness membership cards can be made into contactless ic chip cards, magnetic stripe cards or metal membership cards according to the requirements of the business.

Fitness IC card vs magnetic stripe card

Fitness IC data storage is more secure, more convenient and fast operation; magnetic stripe card is relatively cheap.

Fitness membership card production process introduction.

Material: PVC card, specifications: 85.5540.76mm, smart card 0.84mm, offset printing, screen printing, gold and silver convex code, flat code, laser code, spray code, hot gold and silver, hot laser gold and silver, printing gold and silver, gold and silver bottom, UV micro-convex, matte surface, frosted, transparent, signature strip, bar code, magnetic stripe, scratch, anti-counterfeit ink ic chip, perforated lanyard, etc.

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