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Hospital IC card-New inductive IC visiting card for hospitals

Nowadays, IC card has gradually replaced magnetic stripe card and barcode card, and now IC card has been widely used in hospital management system. Many hospitals have given up the original magnetic stripe card IC through hospital IC to integrate patient information, medical information, hospital services and other aspects into a unified management platform.

Hospital IC card - hospital new induction IC visit card

The shape of IC card is similar to magnetic card. The difference between it and the magnetic card is the different media for data storage. Magnetic cards store information through magnetic field changes of the magnetic stripe IC cards store data information through an electrically erasable programmable read-only storage integrated circuit chip (EEPROM) embedded in the card. Therefore, compared to magnetic cards, IC cards have the following advantages.

Advantages of hospital IC medical cards.

1. Large storage capacity. The storage capacity of magnetic card is about 200 characters; IC has hundreds of small characters and millions of large characters depending on the model of the card.

2. Good security, not easy to copy, the information on the IC card can be read, modified and erased at will, but all require a password.

3. With data processing capability. When exchanging data with the card reader, the data can be encrypted and decrypted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data exchange; magnetic card does not have this function.

4. Long service life, can be repeatedly recharged.

5. IC the card has the ability of anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-mechanical damage, anti-chemical damage, etc. The information preservation life is long and the number of reading and writing exceeds tens of thousands of times.

Use IC to save fingerprint characteristics data, user information, private keys and other key information, through fingerprint identification authentication cardholders true identity, to solve the bottleneck of network information security, is the most effective complement to the information security (software) authentication and key system. It is both a system innovation of higher level of IC card application and one in the field of user real identity authentication. Through double verification, ensure the system is safe and reliable.

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