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Why choose contactless IC card for hospital visit card

In the past, the hospital visit cards used by hospitals were magnetic stripe cards, but with the continuous development of smart card technology, many hospitals now use contactless ic cards (also inductive ic cards) as hospital visit cards. So why should hospitals choose contactless IC cards for hospital visit cards? Lets learn more about it together.

Why choose contactless IC card for hospital consultation card?

At present, IC card can be divided into contact ic card and contactless ic card, the hospital visit card chosen is contactless ic card, contactless ic card is also we often say inductive ic card, is a new technology, it will successfully combine the radio frequency technology and IC card technology, solve the problem of passive and contact-free, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices.

Hospital visit card choice contactless ic card, mainly because of its advantages to decide, the advantages of contactless ic card.

1, the induction card does not require a special power supply.

2、No mechanical contact between it and the reader, avoiding contact failure.

3, its surface without exposed chips, can be waterproof, and not easy to produce static breakdown and bending damage and other problems.

4、The induction card has no front or back side when used.

In short, contactless IC card has the characteristics of high reliability, easy to use and fast operation. Nowadays, the hospital has a large flow of visits and it is necessary to ensure the efficiency of work. At present, the inductive IC card is also equipped with card cubes jhic-u model IC card learning writer. This IC card reader is a plug-and-play drive-free reader, and it is also very convenient to use, so it is most suitable for hospitals with large staff flow to choose contactless IC card as the consultation card.

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