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What are the problems to pay attention to when using contact IC visiting cards

Hospital medical card can use magnetic stripe card, ID card or IC due to the different hospital systems, the medical card used is also different. At present, a hospital in Guangdong uses contact hospital IC medical card, contact IC medical card use is different from the induction card, in the operation process to pay attention to the contact IC visit card need to pay attention to the problems, in order to better protect the card, to ensure that the contact IC long-term use of the card.

What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using the contact IC medical card?

The following are some of the issues that need to be taken into account when using contact IC cards:

Because the contact IC medical card chip is external and inserted, so in our operation, do not force too much, one is to avoid scratching the card chip, and the other is to avoid accidental damage to the contact needle of the card reader.

2. When the card operation, the card should be in place on the card reader, so that the chip surface and contact pins completely in contact, so as to avoid writing data errors, or write data less than, or even unable to read.

3. Contact IC medical card should avoid contact with water or corrosive liquid, contact with water will make the chip rust, contact with corrosive liquid will corrode the chip, damage the line, resulting in the chip can not communicate.

4. If the chip has spoil, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid blocking the line and affecting communication.

5. Users should not dig the chip in the process of use. Although the chip is external, do not move it at will.

Hospital card issuer and patient holder are to better extend the service life of contact IC medical card, proper storage, do not arbitrarily bend, do not arbitrarily contact contacts, do not arbitrarily close to strong static environment, pay attention to keep the card surface clean and clean will help to improve the reliability of IC extended service life.

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