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Why choose inductive PVC card for hospital visit card in Hubei?

The function of hospital medical card is to record the basic information of patients, such as name, age, medical history and medical billing. Currently, we apply for a hospital medical card every time we go to the hospital. In the past, the hospital medical card using ID With the continuous development of technology, Lakeland Hospital has adopted the medical card PVC But why Lakeland Hospitals medical card choice induction?PVC card? Lets take a look.

Lakeland hospital medical card why choose inductive PVC card?

Induction hospital medical card

Lakeland hospital production of medical cards using inductive PVC card is mainly inductive PVC by the advantages of the card decision.

First, easy to operate

Due to non-contact communication, reader in 10CM card can be operated within the range, do not need to insert the card, very convenient for users. pvc card use no direction, the card can be in any direction through the reader surface, can complete the operation, greatly improving the speed of each use.

Second, high reliability

Inductive type PVC card and read-write between no mechanical contact, avoid contact read-write caused by a variety of failure. For example, poor contact caused by rough card insertion, non-card insertion, dust or oil. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of the non-contact card, so there is no need to worry about the chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other problems, which not only facilitates card printing but also improves the reliability of the card.

Third, prevent conflict

There is a fast anti-conflict mechanism in the inductive PVC card that prevents data interference between cards. As a result, the reader can handle multiple inductive PVC cards at the same time. This improves the parallelism of the application and actually increases the working speed of the system.

It is because induction PVC cards have the unparalleled advantages of ID cards and contact PVC cards that Hubei Province Hospital has chosen induction PVC cards as its hospital medical cards when customizing its hospital cards. The advantages not only improve the efficiency of the hospital, but are also more secure for the contents of the patients card.

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