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Types of loyalty cards?

⒈ according to the material, integral cards can be divided into two kinds, a new material, recycled material.

The types of integral cards?

① The advantages of new materials: new materials are completely white, the finished product and the draft design is relatively small and more gorgeous colors. General bank cards, credit cards, colored cards are made of new materials. The work period for new material cards is usually 8-9 days, and emergency production is about 4 days. The work period is relatively slow. (Only high-end cards can have a very slow construction period)

② the advantages of recycled materials: the middle is sandwiched, the color deviation of the finished product will be slightly more serious, general pharmacies, relatively small stores use this material cards. The reason for choosing him is: 1. low cost; 2: fast construction period; the construction period of the recycled material card is generally around 4 days, do not worry.

Peal by card surface can be divided into three kinds.

① glossy surface:glossy surface is mirror surface, will reflect. The glossy surface is easy to scratch.

② matte surface: matte surface is not reflective, the surface is smooth to the touch, this card is more high-grade. Not easy to scratch.

③ frosted surface: frosted surface surface concave and convex surface, feel good, durable, not easy to scratch.

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