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How to control the risks and security risks brought by M1 card cracking

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M1 card refers to the abbreviation of the chip produced by Philips subsidiary NXP, the full name NXPMifare a series of commonly used S50 and S is currently used mainly for bus, ferry, subway automatic fare collection system, but also for access control management, identity proof and electronic wallet. But the current M1 card crack to many customers has brought a lot of security risks, so M how to control the risks and security risks brought by 1 card crack? Let's understand it.

How to control the risks and security risks brought by M1 card cracking

How to control the risks and security risks brought by M1 card cracking

M1 card is a mature smart card products, will be used in many areas of M1 card, with M how to ensure that 1 card is cracked?M1 card security has become a key issue. According to years of experience in card making, Shenzhen Card Cube provides how to solve the following problems M1 card cracking brings security risks, I hope it will be helpful to you.

How to ensure the security of the system need to first clarify 1, in which area we M1 card used?2. What data needs to be stored in these two parts in order to plan the whole system.

A. What areas is M1 used in?

M supermarket membership card, driving school student card, campus student card and other small consumption areas commonly used 1 card IC card, bus IC card, community access card, hospital medical card, restaurant dining card, parking card, member stored value card, hotel door card, etc., involving all aspects of our lives.

Second, what are the characteristics of these using M1 card system?

After analysis, all these use M1 card field have some common points, the storage amount and each consumption amount in M1 card is small, or only store the member logo information. This information is either very small, and the system management side will have the corresponding recharge and consumption records, which can be checked for statistics. m membership identification information is only stored in the 1 card, which is not the most important part of the whole system operation.

Third, M1 card can be cracked, what risk does it bring to the system, and how to ensure the safe operation of the whole system?

M1 card is cracked, the first threat to the security of the data in the M1 card. If the amount information is stored in the card, the amount information may be tampered with. Although the identity information in the card does not involve the amount of money, it can be copied. So, how to ensure the security of the system in this case?

The following aspects of M1 card and management system planning can effectively avoid the system security risk caused by M1 card cracking.

Deposit small M1 card system.

1, first from M from above, in the M in the 1 card encryption process, according to the need to change the A password and B password M change 1 card control location, can effectively increase the difficulty of M1 card cracking can reduce the risk of cracking 80%. The part of the information involved in the change is best written in the form of cipher text in the card, even if it can be cracked to see the data in the M1 card, it is difficult for crackers to analyze the meaning of this part of the data, so as to achieve the purpose of not being able to copy a lot.

2. Add all abnormal data analysis in the system M recharge, consumption, card storage balance will have the corresponding records. In the data statistics, check the corresponding data changes, timely detection and tracking of problems M1 card, thus effectively shielding the risk.

M1 card only stores user identification system.

1. Use cipher text to store data so that crackers cannot copy it.

2. Add SMS verification code, password or other ways of identity dual verification, involving changes in the amount in the system.

In summary, you can cooperate in many aspects of M1 card security work to effectively avoid the crisis brought about by M1 card cracking

One card, one secret: the M a card, one secret encryption, the use of M1 card serial number is the password seed to the corresponding password production method for each card to generate a different password, so that a card crack, will not cause security threats to other cards in the system.

2, A/B password control bit three-pronged: for MA password / 1 card B password is encrypted, the visitor's access can be controlled by the control bit, which can be limited to prevent the M1 card is cracked.

3. M1 card only stores identification information: store identification information and amount important information separately, M1 card only stores identification information and backup amount information, amount information is placed in the server, and secondary verification is added when using.

4. Abnormal data check: Add abnormal data check in the statistics function. By comparing and analyzing the information of recharge, consumption and stored balance in the card, abnormal data will be found and controlled subsequently.

The above four methods can ensure M the whole system security 1 card, M1 card is no longer afraid of being cracked, any card has the risk of being cracked, how to complete a comprehensive security control through the system design is crucial. As a smart card manufacturer, Shenzhen Card Cube has been engaged in smart card production for 13 years, with rich experience and mature products. Welcome those who need smart card to call us for consultation and order at any time! The company also has a professional design team that can provide you with better service for free!

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China, our main products are contact IC cards, inductive IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC various smart cards with a daily output of more than 400,000 pieces, such as business cards and smart card readers. Now we customize and develop JHIC-U inductive IC card reader according to customers' requirements. Its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers.

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