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Access control card is good with ID chip or IC chip

Access card is used in the access control system cards, such as access cards, access cards, parking cards, membership cards, etc.; currently used for access cards are mainly ID chips and IC chips, many people will have to ask: access cards are good with ID chips or IC chips? Here we look at it.

Access control IC card

Access cards are issued to end users before use, set by the system administrator to determine the use of the area and user rights, the user to use

Access control cards are good with ID chips or IC chips

Access card swipe card to enter the management area, no access card or access rights are not opened to users, can not enter the management area.

Access ID card is a non-writable induction card, with a fixed number, and magnetic cards, are only the use of "card number" only, the card in addition to the card number, without any confidentiality features, its "card number" is open, bare. Therefore, ID card is "inductive magnetic card". ISO standard ID card specifications: 85.5x54x0.80±0.04mm (height/width/thickness), there are also some thick, thin cards or shaped cards on the market.

Access control key fob ID card

Access control key fob IC card

And access control IC card is read and write, large capacity, encryption function, reliable data records, more convenient to use. Access control IC card in use, must first pass the IC card and read-write equipment between the unique two-way key authentication, in order to carry out the relevant work, so that the whole system has a very high security guarantee.

After the initial encryption of access control IC card, handed to the user to use, the customer through the IC card issuance system, and each user card to generate their own system of special keys. This ensures that the user card issued in other user systems can not be used in the system to ensure the exclusivity of the system, thus ensuring the safe use of the system mechanism.

Nowadays, many thick cards and key-based access cards, parking cards, are ID cards, which are relatively easy to copy. The other IC cards are also able to crack, except that the tools needed are more advanced, and some need to go to the front of the community access control system, field operations. So that access control cards or choose IC card chip is better, that is, safe and practical. Today the cost of IC has also reduced, so access control IC card is also the best choice in the access control system!

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