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Access control card with drip card 3 core advantages!

There are many kinds of access control cards. Different cards can meet the needs of different customers and the purpose of use, and the drip card is one of the most commonly used cards in access control cards.

Access card with drip adhesive card 3 core advantages!

So what is unique about this drip card? What are the advantages?

Here are three brief aspects.

①: Variable shape, not limited to one.

When it comes to the shape of a drip card, it can be said to be flexible and not limited to one. It is not like a standard card, which has only one size, or a keychain card, which has only a few. The versatile look is its advantage, and card manufacturers prepare 80 or 90 sets of dies for customers to choose and customize. If there is no shape you want, you can also make the die you want, and you can achieve personalized production to make the ideal job.

②: Small and thick.

With more and more kinds of cards, there are membership cards and shopping cards, we cant carry some cards every day, we should carry some cards often. How is it convenient? How inconvenient it is to put the phone and the card again. Therefore, drip glue cards focus on small cards from the beginning, i.e. making small card forms. After drip gluing, the small card looks thicker and more beautiful; more importantly, it is easy to carry. It can be put together with our keys, not only as an access card, but also as a decoration.

③: not easy to fold, resistant to drop and wear

With the protection of this epoxy resin adhesive, this drip access card is more wear-resistant and more resistant to falling. Compared with the standard card, which is easy to bend. The drip adhesive card is not easy to bend because of its small size and thickness. If there is no drip card, it will also bend, so this glue is also a good protective shell.

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