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Where to match the access control card?

Nowadays, many communities implement closed management and use access cards to enter and exit, so where can access cards be matched?

Where is the access card matched?

Access cards can only be equipped in the property management office. Access cards are set up by the system administrator to determine available areas and user permissions before they are issued to users. Users use the access card to swipe their card to access the management area. Users without access cards or permissions cannot enter the management area.

Access card is also called IC card is a general term for all chip cards, which can be divided into ID cards, M1 cards, CPU cards. In these three cards, ID card is the simplest, M1 card is called a logical memory card", the card than ID card has a winding coil, storage space is small, can store limited information and encryption. Some bus cards and hotel room cards belong to M1 card; CPU card is currently the most complex IC card, the card is a separate system, we currently use the bank card, ID card, etc. belong to this card. Access cards are related to the security of life, keep your card, do not easily borrow!

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