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Access control card how to do anti-copy


Access card how to do anti-copy 

At present, access control cards mostly use induction ID card and induction IC card, induction ID card can not be encrypted, easy to copy. Access card using inductive IC card M1 card, because the NXP M chip encryption algorithm cracked, M1 card is also easy to crack the copy.

Access control card access control card

In addition, there are many ID, IC card duplicators on the market, and now an ordinary access card can be cloned and copied in a few minutes. Therefore, how to prevent access control card duplication is a big problem.

In summary, access control card anti-copying can start from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen the access control system: anti-copy access control can be set up. As long as the read copy card system, it will automatically alarm, while closing the elevator or through the access control privileges so that the copy access card immediately becomes invalid.

Access control card access control card

2. increase the security factor of the access card itself: the current market access cards are mainly divided into ID cards, IC cards, CPU cards, ID cards the lowest security factor is the most easily copied access cards, no encryption technology cards. IC with encryption features compared to the card data storage capacity, with encryption features ID the card is more secure, but also can copy professional equipment. CPU current bank cards belong to the financial level. No news can be cracked to copy, so the most secure. CPU card costs have fallen, CPU card began as the first choice for access control card security card.

2. the use of anti-copy ID card: has installed hardware, replace the original ID reading head. The card is copy-proof. ID card.

Anti-copy access card use principle

3. Using CPU cards: Installation directly using the CPU card read head and card issuer has been installed on the corresponding original equipment ID or IC access control equipment means that the original access control read head and card issuer needs to be replaced. We are there CPU directly in the card to do an ID card or ID anti-copy docking can be achieved without replacing the original system.

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