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Access control system is good with access control ID card or access control IC card

In the field of intelligent buildings, access control system means Access Control System, or ACS for short. refers to the right to prohibit the door, it means the door "vigilance. Access control system now has access control ID card and access control IC So which of these two access control cards is better?

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Access control system for access control ID good card or access control IC card good this problem, in fact, the first thing to know what card can be used for access control system, if the access control system can be used ID and then access control card ID card is better; if you need access control system, IC and then access control card IC card is better, mainly depending on what card is authorized by the access control system.

However, with the development of the current market situation, many places of access control cards will start from the access control card ID card towards access control IC card. ID full name identification card, is a kind of induction card can not be written, contains a fixed number, ID and magnetic card, the card only use the card number, in addition to the card number, there is no secrecy function within the card. IC use the card, you must first pass the I

Access control system is good with access control ID card or access control IC card

C card and read-write equipment between the unique two-way key authentication, you can carry out the relevant work, so that the whole system has a high degree of security.

Access control IC card relative to the access control ID card, IC card advantages are

1. Security.

IC card security is much greater than ID card. ID card within the card number to read without permission, easy to imitate. IC read the data recorded in the card to read and write the corresponding password authentication is required, and even each area within the card has a different password protection, comprehensive protection of data security. IC card write data password is different from the password to read data, providing a good hierarchical management method to ensure the security of the system.

2. Recordable.

ID card can not write data, its record content (card number) can only be written by the chip manufacturer once, the developer can only read the card number to use, can not develop a new digital management system according to the actual needs of the system.

IC authorized users can not only read a large amount of data, but also write a large amount of data (such as new card number, user rights, user information, etc.). the content recorded by the IC card can be repeatedly erased.

3. Storage capacity.

ID card only records the card number; and IC card (such as Philips mifare1 card) can record about 1000 characters of content.

4. Offline and network operation:

Since ID cards have no content, the cardholders privileges and the operation of system functions depend entirely on the support of the computer network platform database.

The IC card itself records a large amount of user-related content (card number, user data, permissions, consumption balance and a lot of other information) and can be run completely offline from the computer platform to achieve network and automatic conversion operation mode, which can meet the needs of wide use and less wiring.

5. A card extended application.

ID because the card has no record, no partition, can only rely on the network software to handle the information of the subsystem, which greatly increases the dependence on the network; if the ID card system is completed, the user needs additional wiring to increase the function points, which not only increases the difficulty of engineering construction, but also increases the unnecessary investment. Therefore, it is difficult to expand the system by using ID card, and it is difficult to realize the real one card.

And IC card storage area itself is divided into 16 partitions, each partition password is different, with multiple subsystems independent management functions, such as the first partition access control, the second partition consumption, staff attendance, etc.. Fully realize the purpose of one card and realize completely modular design. Even if users want to increase the function points, they do not need wiring, only need to increase the hardware and software modules, which is convenient for IC to subsequently upgrade the expansion card system at any time to achieve a steady upgrade and reduce repeated investment.

At present, our company is a professional card manufacturer, specializing in the production of access control id card, access control ic In addition to the card, the company also produces contact products ic card, inductive ic card, non-contact ic full magnetic thin card, thin visual card, IC visual card, magnetic stripe visual card, ID card, ID thick card, CPU card , keychain card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, hospital card, campus card IC card, bus ic All kinds of smart cards, such as cards, community access cards, super membership cards, etc., daily sales of 400,000 pieces.

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