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Which type of card is suitable for Guangdong hospital visit card

Hospital medical card is what we often see, and it is the card that every patient must deal with when they go to the hospital. At present, there are various types of hospital medical cards such as magnetic stripe, barcode, ID and IC, so which type of Guangdong hospital medical card is suitable for use, lets learn about it below!

Guangdong hospital visit card suitable for which type of card

Hospital visit card

The Guangdong hospital medical card records the details of the patient. During hospital treatment, the card is used for various medical examinations, medication, treatment and payment. The system that uses the medical card is part of the hospitals information system. Swiping the card can avoid the hassle caused by text input and solve the problems of cumbersome medical treatment and medical information management.

Nowadays, with the development of the times, many hospitals have started to replace their chip cards. At present, hospital medical cards can be packaged with various chips. Guangdong hospital medical card commonly used IC chip and ID chip, the hospital medical card chips provided by Card Cube Smart Card Company are.

1, IC chips are:F08, S50, S70, IISI, 4439, 4442, 4428, 4412, 24C series chips.

2, ID chips are: domestic TK4100, IDUA1001, EM4100, low-frequency T5577 and other chips

ID or IC card has inductive and contact. Which type of card is suitable for hospital medical card? This may be possible, but currently many hospitals use inductive IC cards because inductive IC cards are easy to use, more time saving, and most importantly, inductive IC is more secure than card ID cards.

The advantages of Guangdong induction hospital IC medical card are.

First, easy to operate

Because of the non-contact communication, the reader can operate within the range of 10CM card, so there is no need to insert the card, very convenient for users to use. Sensing card in the use of no direction, the card can be in any direction through the read-write surface, can complete the operation, greatly improving the speed of each use.

Second, high reliability

Inductive type IC card and read-write no mechanical contact between, avoids contact read-write caused by a variety of failure. For example, due to card insertion rough, non-card insertion, dust or oil caused by poor contact. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of non-contact card, no need to worry about chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other problems, not only facilitate card printing, but also improve the reliability of the card.

Third, prevent conflict

The induction card has a fast anti-collision mechanism, which can prevent data interference between cards. Therefore, the reader can handle multiple induction card IC cards at the same time. This improves the parallelism of the application and actually increases the working speed of the system.

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