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Domestic bank financial card core change domestic chip by the "soft threshold" constraints

At present, the bank implementation of the bank magnetic stripe card for core wave has begun. According to the central bank, since 2015, China will gradually stop issuing magnetic stripe bank cards with more advanced financial IC At present, magnetic stripe card core replacement work has been carried out one after another around the world. The industry expects that hundreds of millions of new financial IC cards will be put out in China every year in the next few years.

Bank card

It is understood that Chinas stock financial IC the card has more than 1 billion, but a company in the Netherlands NXP accounted for more than 95% of Chinas market share, the rest of the market is also divided by Germany Infineon and South Korea Samsung and other international giants. The domestic financial IC card chip market is highly monopolized by foreign giants, posing a potential threat to Chinas financial security.

However, if the domestic chip industry wants to take the opportunity of the chip-swapping wave to break the established market model, it seems to be a mile, but in reality it is thousands of miles. On the one hand, they face heavy pressure from international giants and price wars, and on the other hand, they have to face the artificially high soft threshold of chip certification by domestic commercial banks and the security inertia of their not being the first to try domestic chips.

3.4 billion magnetic stripe cards for core is coming

Central Bank data show that the number of pure magnetic stripe bank cards on the market in China is as high as 3.4 billion. In the face of such a huge demand for financial business IC card chip, domestic chip promotion is still

Domestic bank financial card core domestic chip by the "soft threshold" constraints

However, in the pilot phase, the size of the almost negligible market is basically divided by the Netherlands NXP, Germany Infineon, South Korea Samsung and other international giants.

Magnetic stripe card core is being actively carried out throughout the country. The Economic Reference News reporter recently visited Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, found that some banks charge 10-20 yuan for magnetic stripe card core, some banks for high-end customers to change the card for free, some banks for the new chip card free of charge.

Domestic banks raise the soft threshold for authentication

In the past few years, Chinas financial IC card industrialization level has rapidly improved, with independent design, production, testing, application of large-scale industrialization strength. At present, domestic finance has a lot of IC card chips have passed the internationally recognized EMV standard certification, but back home is not recognized by commercial banks, often encountered CC restrictions on international standards soft threshold.

As of 2013, China has issued 1.2 billion second-generation ID cards, 629 million social security cards, all using domestic chips.

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