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What is the black card? Four major banks black card for conditions?

There are black card series in the bank, but it is strange for many people. Most people do not know the black card. Only a vague concept, know that the black card is for high-end people. So what exactly is a Black Card? The truth is that the Black Card is the top credit card. As you know, the Black Card is geared towards the high end. As long as you have it, you can have people from all over the world serve you. You could say that the service is very comprehensive. Of course, not everyone can apply for or have a Black Card. Generally speaking, Black Card is invited by banking institutions and without excellent wealth and social status, you do not have the opportunity to have a Black Card, which is one of the reasons why many people envy it.

What is the black card? The four major banks black card application conditions?

Centurion Black Gold Card

Black card is actually a multi-sense word. First, lets briefly introduce what we usually mean by black card. The American Express Centurion Black Gold Card was launched by American Express in the UK in 1999. The Black Gold (highest) version of the Centurion series of signature cards is also known as the Black Card because its card face is dominated by black color. The Centurion Black Gold card is recognized worldwide as the king of cards. The card is located in the top group and has no limit (the China Centurion Black Gold Card is a co-issued credit card and therefore has a limit, with a credit limit of $2-10 million). Cardholders are mostly dignitaries, billionaires and socialites and are invited by US transportation and are not accepted for online processing.

Conditions for applying for the Black Card of the four major banks

1. The Black Card uses an invitation mechanism. If the asset exceeds 8 million, annual income exceeds 100,000, cadres of administrative and public institutions at the level of deputy section or above, or official employees of top 500 companies will be invited.

2. The ICBC Black Gold Card is also by invitation. In addition, people above the level of branch president should be recommended, and the privacy is extremely high; the cardholder must be a member of Hurun wealth list or competition, with an annual consumption of more than 2 million yuan (excluding large-scale purchase of cars and houses).

3. Meet the conditions of the black card construction construction. The cardholder is 18 to 65 years old and has full civil capacity; cash of more than 5 million yuan; good credit record, no overdue or record; fixed assets such as single-family houses and brand-name cars; executives of listed companies, vice presidents of state-owned enterprises or major operators of large private enterprises; has received an invitation to apply for the construction of the black card.

4. The Agricultural Bank of China Black Card is also an invitation system. The cardholder meets the following conditions:Agricultural Bank of China average daily assets of more than 1 million yuan, CEO/president/chairman of a well-known enterprise.

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