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Induction IC card Introduction - Induction ic card technical indicators and advantages

Inductive ic card is called contactless ic card, which consists of IC chip, induction antenna, PVC chip and antenna packed in the standard with no exposed part in the card. Card at a certain distance (usually 5-10mm) near the surface of the reader, through radio wave transmission to complete the data reading and writing operations.

Induction type IC card Introduction - Induction type ic card technical index and advantages

Induction type ic card Induction access control card

Classification of inductive IC card.

1). Radio frequency encryption type (RF ID) is usually called ID card . Radio waves complete the information access of the RF card. There is no mechanical contact point between host and RF. HID, INDARA, TI, EM, etc.

Most of the meal cards (thicker) and access cards used in schools belong to ID cards.

2). RF memory cards (RF IC) are often called contactless IC cards . RF memory cards also access information through radio. It adds RF transceiver circuitry to the memory card. mifare one.

Some cities early use of bus cards, some schools use meal cards, hot water cards, belong to RF memory cards.

3). RF CPU card (RF CPU) it is often called active card CPU RF transceiver circuit is added on the basis of the card. the CPU card has its own operating system COS, is a real smart card.

Large city bus cards, financial IC few school meal cards belong to RF CPU cards.

The main technical indicators of the inductive IC card.

Chip: ICODE2 (Tag-it) series Chip: UCODE series

Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ The most creative UHF chip at present

Storage capacity: 1024bit divided into 32 pages Operating frequency: UHF2.45GHZ

4byte(32bit) per page Compliant: ISO18000-6C

Standard protocol: ISO15693 ISO18000 Read-write distance: max. 7m

Read-write distance: max. 1.5m Standard: 10cm Storage capacity: 2048bit in 64 pages 4byte per page (32bit)

Data retention: 10 years Data retention: 10 years

Erasable times: 100,000 Erasable times: 100,000

Advantages of inductive IC card.

1. High reliability, can prevent the insertion of the card, dust, oil caused by various failures; card surface without bare chip, no chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage; easy and fast operation, can be operated within the effective range; no direction; improve reading speed, card and reader without mechanical contact.

2. RF card has the ability to move to distinguish) RF card has fast anti-conflict data interference, the reader can handle multiple induction cards at the same time.

3. Easy to operate. Because the non-contact communication, read-write in 10CM card can operate in the range. Generally speaking, the reading card distance depends on different machines. Therefore, there is no need to insert the card, which is very user-friendly. There is no directionality when using contactless cards. Card can be in any direction through the reader surface, which can complete the operation, greatly improving the speed of each use.

4. Wide range of applications, RF card storage structure characteristics make it possible to a card applied to different systems, the user can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

5. Good encryption performance, two-way verification mechanism, each fan area has the operation password and access conditions.

Typical applications of inductive IC card

1. Identification cards.

2. read-only storage serial number identification.

3. Automatic logistics management identification.

4. industrial product response identification.

5. embedded tags.

6. mobile property tags, etc.

Inductive ic card is a new technology developed in the world in recent years. It successfully combines RF identification technology and IC with card technology, ending the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free, which is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic equipment.

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