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RFID Spa Wristbands

Spa Wristbands

imageModern technology uses a specific chip to keep information about an individual attendee. It can be modified into suitable wear-able wristbands which are easy to carry and that’s why it is also called RFID wristbands.

Why do we use silicon RFID wristbands and plastic RFID wristbands for a spa?

Waterproof, spa or water spa are the most basic of questions. As previously mentioned, essential oils are essential; however, if a spot occurs on the wristband, do not worry; simply wash it. What’s more, alcohol disinfection makes clients more relaxed.

What happens when an RFID wristband is scanned?

An RFID scanner can send an encoded radio signal representing a tag when read (or ‘tapped’).

RFID tags receive the transmission in less than a millisecond and respond with a unique identification number.

A barcode on a can of soda is the easiest regular reference to RFID.

The barcode, when scanned, speaks to a database of soda-related knowledge.

RFID SPA WRISTBANDS Relaxing Convenience. 

Our RFID spa wristbands are designed for use in dry, wet or steamy environments like the shower, the sauna, the hot tub, pool or massage table. 

Spas are all about relaxing in a low stress environment. 

Access Amenities. Give your spa guests more by letting them use the RFID spa wristband for RFID locker lock access and to make cash-free purchases for services, food and beverages with a single tap on your POS payment terminal. 

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