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Why do IC cards need to initialize settings?

IC card and ID card;

IC integrated circuit card full name card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as smart card (Smart Card). Read and write, large capacity, strong encryption function, reliable data recording, easy to use, such as a card system, cost system, etc. PHILIPS Mifare series card.

ID card full name identification card (Identification Card), it is a kind of induction card that can not be written, contains a fixed number, mainly including Taiwan SYRISs EM pattern, the United States HID, TI, MOTOROLA and other types of ID cards.

Why does IC card need initialization setting?

Why do IC cards need to be initialized (i.e. encrypted) and ID cards do not?

 When IC card is in use, it must first pass the unique two-way key authentication between IC card and reading/writing device before adjusting the related operation, so that the whole system has high security.

Therefore, the factory IC card must be initialized (i.e., encrypted), the intention is to factory IC to ensure the security of a card system issued mechanism, the card generated within the unbreakable card system key.

 IC card initialization encryption, handed to the user to use, the customer through the IC card issuance system, as well as the user card to generate their own system of special keys.

This ensures that user cards issued by other user systems cannot be used in the system, ensuring the exclusivity of the system, and thus the security application mechanism of the system.

 ID card and magnetic card, only the number of the card "forget it, except for the card number, there is no secrecy function within the card. The card number" it is poked and exposed. id card is inductive magnetic card", that is, the demand still does not need to initialize.

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