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The keychain card brings millions of net profit to who?

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I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the words keychain card, but why a small keychain card has brought ten million dollars of net profit to some industries? I believe you must want to know, then well, follow us into the keychain card behind.

Keychain card to who brought ten million net profit?

LifeNews November 6 hearing cowhide, card case, can hold 20 cards. This is the profile of a brand wallet, emphasizing the quality of materials used, while highlighting the ability to fit multiple cards at once. A small wallet often installed, in addition to a variety of bank cards, the rest are almost all beauty salons, gyms, hair washing line, car wash, laundry, pedicure room, shoe shine store and so on keychain card. After investigation found that the large to some high-end leisure clubs, small to the car wash, shoe shine stores, have launched a "prepaid" keychain card, with the card consumption can enjoy preferential prices, keychain card amount is often hundreds of yuan, thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of yuan. At the same time, the consumer disputes related to it is also increasingly prominent.

  So, a small keychain card behind, in the end, what kind of a chain of interests? Some industry insiders who wish to remain anonymous revealed to reporters some of the "inside" of prepaid cards.

  Keychain card interest chain:

  Investment to open a store → card issuance → recovery of funds → reinvestment to open a new store → card issuance again

  The business model of "investing in a store → issuing a card → recovering funds → reinvesting in a new store → reissuing a card" has become a common model for building chain stores. Merchants through this way can not provide services before the money back, locking the customer base.

  Beauty cards, fitness cards, laundry cards, shoe shine cards ...... all these keychain cards have a common feature, they are through the prepayment of a fee to the merchant, and then the consumption. As some merchants take prepaid consumption of the larger the amount, the more preferential business model, many consumers have a staggering amount of prepaid, up to several thousand dollars, or even more than 100,000 yuan.

  The visit found that the reason for the popularity of various types of consumer cards, invariably with the merchants to throw out attractive promotions. A chain of shoe shine store, launched a keychain card discount conditions: "As long as the card is recharged 100 yuan, you can enjoy 35 times to shine shoes, do the card when free, that is (2.77 yuan times), than not to do the card each consumption to be cheaper than 2 yuan; to the card is recharged 200 yuan, you can enjoy 75 times to shine shoes; nearby an area of only a dozen square meters of car beauty store regulations Do a car wash card as long as the prepayment of 100 yuan, you can enjoy a discounted price of 10 yuan each time, than not to do the card can be discounted 5 yuan; and Huaihe Road, an Internet cafe keychain card, the conditions are more attractive: the first time to fill 100 yuan to send 50 yuan, the amount of money charged to the card is unlimited, how much is charged proportionally to how much is sent."

  Due to the convenience and affordability of keychain cards, prepaid consumption is highly favored by consumers. Today prepaid consumption has become the norm in the lives of the public. "Its mainly a cheap figure, and it saves the trouble of paying cash for each purchase." Ms. Li, a private owner engaged in the beauty supply business in Harbin, told reporters that there are seven or eight prepaid cards on hand for bathing, catering and other industries due to the usual business entertainment.

  According to people engaged in the service industry for many years, "investment in the opening of stores → card issuance → recovery of funds → reinvestment in new stores → card issuance" business model, has become a common mode of building a chain store. Merchants through this way can not provide services before the money back, lock the source of customers. However, due to the long consumption cycle of this consumption model, once the store is poorly run, closed down, or store rent expires, the boss rolled up and left, consumers pay in advance is easy to all go down the drain.

  Beauty card insider:

  "constantly add money to upgrade, do not add money to do not want to book a service"

  2, the reporter came to a beauty chain store on Minjiang Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin, proposed to do a skin care, the clerk was very quick to agree. But the reporter repeatedly asked her how much to do once, she has been avoiding answering. In the process of doing so, the clerk has been recommending to the reporter 1298 yuan set. The reporter pushed the temporary to this side, it is unlikely to come often, the beautician immediately changed his face, hastily called it a day.

  The 28-year-old Ms. Zhu used to be the manager of a high-class beauty salon branch in Harbin. She said, like the reporter encountered the situation in the beauty industry is very common, this is only the first step of the salon, the next escalating "persuasion consumption" is to make many people can not afford.

  Reporter: What are the ways to get customers to do keychain card?

  Ms. Zhu: beauty salon clerk will use sweet words to coax consumers to do keychain card, generally will put forward very attractive concessions, such as a moisturizing package, in the mid-range beauty salon, pay 268 yuan can do 5 times, pay 568 yuan can do 15 times, pay 1258 can do 40 times, in high-end beauty salon, a package is thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of yuan, anyway, the more money paid commitment to get The more money you pay, the bigger the discount.

  Reporter: In this way, do keychain card for customers is not a "more buy cheap" good thing?

  Ms. Zhu: customers do card is also more than think so, but the beauty salon will continue to encourage you to add money to the card upgrade, the name is particularly many, today said to add more than 500 can be upgraded to do whitening, tomorrow said to add another 1,000 yuan can be upgraded to do essential oils open back, the day after said to add 2,000 yuan can be upgraded to do body conditioning ...... in short, non-stop The upgrade makes the beauty card into a bottomless pit. When I was the branch chief, the head store gave me indicators, at least five long-term cards a day, that is, the annual card, each have to be thousands of thousands, failing to meet the penalty, I was fined three times. In order to achieve the target, many of our employees also do the salon keychain card, I also. As the store manager, I have to encourage staff to let customers spend more, as customers I have to take the lead to add money to the card. Finally, I could not afford it, so I resigned.

  Reporter: difficult to pay for not to upgrade not to add money, but also to do the original set is not also good?

  Ms. Zhu: Once you refuse to add money to the card upgrade, the beauty salon will take a strategy: want to do beauty must first make an appointment, the kind of customers who are willing to pay to upgrade, the beauty salon will respond to requests. And not willing to add money to upgrade customers, the results of the appointment is the beauty salon and you play "hide and seek", do not pay for the upgrade will not want to make a successful appointment.

  Reporter: If the customer is not satisfied with the card can be returned?

  Ms. Zhu: refund card? That you do not even think about. When customers ask for a refund, we will refuse for a variety of reasons, because the card is a verbal commitment, they can not get a written agreement, but to eat a dumb loss. Once there was a 30-year-old woman, in our store to do a 12,888 care year card, and then constantly upgraded to 38888 yuan, but she even did a month, found that the skin has allergies, asked to return the card, but the boss clearly "instructed" us: change the product can be, return the card absolutely not. The woman negotiated several times, but no results, and in a fit of anger, she stopped coming. This kind of thing is very common, some small stores, a keychain card is only a few hundred dollars, disputes or shopkeepers run away, many people can only admit their own bad luck.

  Fitness card to maximize revenue:

  "Pre-charge a few years of membership fees, a short period of time to recover costs"

  "How much does it cost to do a secondary card (meaning a temporary card that counts money by the number of times)?"

  "We dont have sub cards in our family, only monthly, quarterly and annual cards."

  "Can I get a card and use it with the whole family?"

  "No, one card for one person, not universal."

  "My daughter is only 5 years old, we just want to bring her to swim during the week, is it okay to have a special swimming card?"

  "There is no separate swimming card, all can use other fitness equipment card."

  "An adult an annual card more than 3000 yuan, a child also ah?"

  "One person one card, this is to appear the membership of the noble ah!"


  In the past few days, the reporter visited several medium and large fitness clubs in Daoli District, Nangang District and Xiangfang District, inquiring how to apply for the keychain card, the response is very uniform: in addition to individual fitness centers sell swimming cards alone, the rest are fitness cards that include access to other equipment, the shortest term is also a monthly card. And all emphasize that it is a card for one person, members in a continuous three or five years after the annual card, before you can enjoy to do an annual card with two people into the field of preferential treatment.

  Mr. Qin, who was a senior personal trainer at a fitness center in Harbin, said, "The fitness industry basically takes a membership system and implements a prepaid system. In other words, before entering the gym, whether it is to do the annual card, seasonal card or monthly card, are prepaid before enjoying the service. The prepayment model of charging several years in advance for membership and then providing services is very attractive to investors. Because of the one-time investment, it can pay for itself or even make a profit in a short period of time after opening. This business model will in turn stimulate investors to continue to expand in order to attract more members and collect more membership fees in advance." It is revealed that many gyms derive more than 90% of their income from membership fees, while other income comes from self-training fees.

  Mr. Qin said that a one-time annual fee paid at the beginning of the card can bring considerable cash flow to the club, so the industry

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