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Smart card production common card production process introduction

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A. Smart card specifications and process

Smart card production common card making process introduction

1、The standard specification of card making is 85.5*54*0.84mm (length x width x thickness)

2、Common production process: gold base, silver base, flash gold, flash gold, hot stamping, hot silver, hot laser gold/silver, hot mirror gold/silver, signature strip, embossed code, flat code, spray code, surface frosting, perforation, film, packaging bag, etc.

Common production process of smart card.

1. can be made of white PVC material with frosted, glossy or matte surface effect; also can be made of translucent or completely transparent transparent material.

2. can be made into any irregular shape such as square, round, etc., such as keychain access cards, etc.

3. the standard thickness of contact IC card (chip outside) is 0.84m, the standard thickness of ID and M1 card (invisible chip) is 0.84 to 1.0mm, other thickness, need to open a special edition.

4. the standard size of the card is 85.5mm * 54mm, rounded corners, can also be made into other sizes.

5. the use of screen printing, offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) or screen and offset printing methods, can be printed as single-sided or double-sided.

6. the background color of the card can be made into imitation gold or imitation silver, i.e. gold background, silver background.

7. you can sprinkle gold powder or silver powder on the card, the effect of gold and silver shining after printing.

8. you can add signature strips or writing boards (areas that can be written manually). Signature strips including white signature, gray signature, transparent signature, flower signature (pattern signature).

9. you can type laser codes (smart cards need to be coded and this process is recommended).

10. convex codes can be punched and gold or silver stamping can be done on the convex codes; card numbers can be arranged in order or personalized with irregular numbers (because there are coils and chips in the smart card, it is recommended to use this process as little as possible to avoid damage to the coils or chips).

11. the card can be stamped with fully automatic stamping machines for text/patterns, commonly stamped in gold/silver, and in green-gold, blue-gold, red-gold and other colors.

12. different numbers, PIN codes or text can be sprayed on each card.

13. round holes or strip holes can be punched on common cards; other holes need abrasives.

14. UV oil can be used to print corporate LOGO and focus on promoting corporate advantages.

15. protective film can be added to the card.

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Smart card production common process


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