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Visible card (i.e. visually rewritable card) refers to ISO7816 standard magnetic card or smart card covered

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I believe that the impression that the layout of smart cards such as membership cards is set in stone can lead to visual fatigue for cardholders even if the layout is refined. Over time, they will ignore its existence. If there is a market, there is a demand. Therefore, thanks to the efforts of scientists, a card that can change the layout of smart cards at will was born. --Visible Card.

Visible card (i.e. visually rewritable card) refers to ISO7816 standard magnetic card or smart card covered

The technology that can change the layout information at will - visual card technology

I. Visible Card

1.1. Concept

Visible card (i.e. visually rewritable card) refers to ISO7816 standard magnetic card or smart card covered with a layer of reprintable visual reproduction material, also known as visual film, so that consumption records and promotional information can be printed on the surface of the card, and the next consumption can also erase the printed content, so that not only the cardholder can easily view the consumption records, but also the enterprise can update the promotional information at any time to promote two-way interaction.


The visual card adopts the world's most advanced thermal rewritable technology, which is developed on the basis of traditional thermal technology. The traditional thermal material can only be used once, while the new thermal rewritable material has been reused many times.

Visual card is a kind of covered "ThermoRewrite; material card, the card surface information can be repeatedly read and rewritten, so that the original fixed card surface becomes a dynamic information window.


1) The card surface can directly print each customer's consumption record, which is convenient for the cardholder to view at any time

2) Card surface information (text, pictures) can be repeatedly erased and printed, visual information can be maintained for a long time

4)Different colors of printing materials can be selected and different sizes of printing range can be set

5) Personalized visual information, showing taste and fashion

6)Can effectively protect the interests of consumers and promote businessmen to enhance the sense of credibility

7)Improve the advertising effect and stimulate customers' interest in card consumption


It can be combined with visual card IC chip and RF chip together, so that the visual card has more functions in more fields. As shown in the figure.

Combined with IC chip visual card

Another kind of visual card combined with magnetic stripe, as shown in the figure.

Visual card combined with magnetic stripe


1) Flexible open information platform

Various discount and activity information can be printed directly on the card to attract customers to spend with the card.

Detailed consumption records of customers can be printed directly for easy viewing by customers at any time.

Card advertising and promotion information can be updated at any time to stimulate more customers to spend with the card.

2) Effective credit guarantee mechanism

Visual card "visible" consumption guarantees the final consumer's "right to know" consumption.

The details of consumption can be seen at a glance, so that customers can be assured of consumption and urge merchants to fulfill their promises.

The characteristics of the visual card encourage customers to consume in good faith and safeguard the interests of the merchant.

3) A means to promote interaction between the two parties

The front and back pattern of the visual card can be defined, playing an excellent advertising effect.

Fashionable appearance and exquisite printing can bring "word-of-mouth" effect.

Personalized window effect and unique brand effect attracts a large number of new and old customers.

4) Humanized communication method

Release customer information on the card, such as name, gender, age, date of birth, anniversary, contact information, address, job, hobbies, etc., to make customers feel friendly and comfortable.

On special days, print various greeting or blessing messages on the visual card, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, legal holidays, traditional festivals, etc., so that customers can feel at home.

Second, the system type of visual rewriting card

2.1、Stand-alone POS type system (as shown in the figure)

Stand-alone POS type system

2.2、Multifunctional system with IC chip (as shown in the figure)

Combined with IC chip multi-functional system

Three, visual card visual card

3.1. Visual card application status

The visual card originated in Europe, the United States and Japan, and has been widely used rapidly. Catering, entertainment, retail, transportation, health care and other fields have been successfully applied to a considerable number of fields and industries. In recent years, the application of visual products in other countries and regions has shown a rapid growth trend, especially in Hong Kong, accounting for 10% of the total number of visual cards issued worldwide (100 million) in 2004.

Visual cards are still a new product in China. In recent years, China has started to introduce visual duplication card products, and they have been successfully applied in entertainment, food and beverage, retail and other fields. However, the share and utilization rate of the new concept of visual card products in China is still quite low compared to the relatively mature smart card products in terms of technology and market, thus visual card products in China have a broad market prospect.

3.2 Visual card application market

Visual cards have been widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other developed countries and regions, such as commercial retail, transportation, healthcare, culture and entertainment. As digital consumption and smart card consumption have become the mainstream consumption mode in business society, enterprises will make full use of various more creative consumption modes and better service features to compete for consumer groups, and personalized visual products have a broad market prospect in China. And more and more fields and industries will start to use visual card products, such as entertainment, medical beauty liquid, automobile, catering, retail, public transportation and other industries.

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