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Smart card chips and application areas

In terms of types, smart cards are divided into 2 categories, ic cards and id cards, ic cards are divided into storage cards, logical encryption cards, CPU cards, super smart cards, contact ic cards and contactless ic cards from the interface.

Commonly used chips for logical encryption cards are

FM4442 Fudan 2K Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics

   FM4428 Fudan 8K Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics

    SLE5542 Infineon 2K Germany 

    SLE4428 Infineon 2K Germany 

Application: IC telephone cards, Internet cafe cards, gas cards, library cards, insurance cards, driving cards and other areas

Memory card chips.

FM24C02 Fudan 2K Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics

    FM24C04 Fudan 4K Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics

Application: The application of memory chip card is relatively wide, because it has data preservation and processing functions, generally used in: access control card, time and attendance, mobile phone memory, membership card, points card and other various fields

   CPU card chips.






   The CPU card chip is commonly referred to as a chip containing a microprocessor, which is the functional equivalent of a microcomputer. CPU cards can be used in many fields such as finance, insurance, traffic police and government.

   The super smart card chip adds a keyboard, LCD display and power supply to the CPU card, making it a super smart card, and some cards also have fingerprint identification devices.

   Commonly used models of ID cards.

   4001 inductive ID thick card

   EM 41004102 inductive ID standard card

   Typical applications: patrol systems, time and attendance systems, access control systems, enterprise card systems and other radio frequency identification fields .

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