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Smart card company product introduction and use

CardCube has been engaged in the research and manufacture of smart cards for 13 years, the company has a large Heidelberg four-color printing machine, DOD barcode machine and other large production equipment, the company has a professional design, research and development, sales, after-sales team, the current products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions, laying a solid foundation for future development.

Magnetic stripe cards are divided into high hyper magnetic (2750) and normal magnetic stripe. Each card must have a card number, which can be divided into large, small, flat, laser and spray codes.

  Magnetic stripe cards are generally used as: metro cards, bus cards, ticket cards, telephone cards, electronic game cards, membership cards, etc.

  Barcode cards: barcode cards are generally divided into 39 codes, ENA128 codes and ENA13 codes. These three codes are the most common and the specific barcode to be used is decided by the customer.

  The barcode on the back can be written with an explicit code and a concealed code, the longer the barcode, the more barcode positions there are.

  Ways of doing barcodes: spray code, punch code, UV code.

  The barcode card is generally used as: membership authentication for shopping malls, fitness centres, hotels, hotel consumption, etc.

  Chip cards: chip cards are divided into contactable IC cards and non-contact IC cards from the interface

  Contactable: the thickness of the chip is generally 0.84MM expensive, now the most used is the domestic 4442 can completely replace the Simon electronic, there is a larger space is 4428 with 1024 bytes ATML (AT24C01, AT24C6L) non-contact M1 S50 S70

  Chip cards are generally used for: hotel room cards, community access cards, water meters, communications, transport, finance, etc.

   Common cards: no barcode or magnetic stripe, only a code and signature strip, we call them common cards.

   Common cards are generally used in supermarkets, bookstores, hotels, cinemas, KTV, etc.

   Account number card: there is a serial number, card number and password on the back of the card, we call it an account number card, the account number, card number and password are provided by the customer

   Account number cards are generally used for: telecommunication top-ups, Unicom top-ups, scratch cards, etc.

   Sampling: If the customer requests a sample of the finished product, it is possible, however, to pay us a sampling fee of $500 for a period of four to five days. If the order exceeds 5000 sheets, we can refund the proofing fee. Alternatively, there is no charge for the electrical sub-sample of paper.

Metal cards: metal card thickness is 0.35mm, can also be made 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm 0.1cm. metal cards include metal gold cards, metal silver cards, metal membership cards, metal VIP cards, metal Buddha cards, metal magnetic stripe cards, metal barcode cards, metal printing oil cards, metal IC cards, 18k gold and silver cards, 24k gold and silver cards, etc. A series of products, the use of precious metal materials and 18K, 24K real gold surface processing, through a number of traditional processes and modern advanced technology refined from.

Metal cards are generally used for: senior membership cards for hotels, senior vip cards for clubs, etc. If there is any unclear place, please contact our customer service staff, we will solve for you as soon as possible.

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