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Shaped card size, process, use, type introduction

The standard card for the international unified size of the card products, its size is 85.5mm × 54mm × 0.76mm, but now due to the demand for personalized printing is not limited by the size, resulting in the emergence of a number of countries around the world in all shapes and sizes of "strange" cards, such cards we call shaped cards. We call these cards "non-standard", and we call them "quasi-alternative", such as rectangular, square, triangular, oval and round geometric cards. The "quasi shaped cards" are relatively more difficult to produce than the geometric ones.

The common shaped card has two main uses, on the one hand is used in the badge, according to the different requirements of customers, the size of the badge varies greatly, the smallest has 20mm x 40mm, called the badge is more appropriate, the largest has 90mm x 130mm, in addition mainly for access cards, can be made into dozens of shapes, such as key chain card, money card, as the car on the remote control general, that is, modern and beautiful. Nowadays, PVC is used for more and more printed materials in all aspects, such as: tickets for exhibitions, exhibition display boards, advertising boards for shopping malls, etc. Special cards can be made with a size of 310mm x 380mm and a thickness of 0.15mm - 1.55mm.

Shaped cards do not refer to a certain type of card. In laymans terms, anything that is irregular in shape can be called a shaped card. Shaped cards can have a variety of chips encapsulated within them, which means that they can have a variety of different functions.

Classification of shaped cards

By industry: mall shaped, hotel shaped, clothing shaped, bus shaped, access control shaped cards   

By material: PVC shaped cards, metal shaped cards, plain paper shaped cards


 The front and back of the card have a glossy matte surface frosted transparent, can be divided into screen printing, offset printing and screen printing after offset printing. Glossy card ordinary card generally hit convex code (raised card number) hot stamping gold or silver and add signature strip, according to the use of the card needs, some customers will be added to the card magnetic strip and barcode. The card surface technology gold bottom, silver bottom, flash gold, flash silver, hot mirror gold and silver laser gold, silver and blue gold, UV oil, etc., the shining lustre show business honor. Professional technology to create professional quality, sincerely hope to cooperate with you!


Material: PVC or PET, copper sheet, metallic copper

Thickness: 0.76mm

Printing: CMYK four colour printing

Process: signature strip, perforated, magnetic stripe, barcode, photo, raised code, flat code, personal data, holographic, etc.

Smart cards can be implanted with a chip, such as shaped ic cards, shaped id cards, etc. Smart cards can stimulate customers interest in holding the card, and will also be a better publicity for enterprises.

We can provide you with free artwork design, you can also produce according to your own manuscript.

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