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Chip card, id card, magnetic stripe card production need to pay attention to what matters

Some customers will often come to consult, I buy cards to your company, go back to use it directly? The answer is no, each card has its own number and system, just like the access card of my district can not be used to your district.

There are many kinds of chip cards, if customers want to make chip cards, first of all, you have to understand your chip model, the system and other aspects of the problem, some of the community or factory directly to the intermediary to do the card, the system directly encrypted, not to give the password, so you can only do the card in the future where the intermediary, not only the price is high, the quality can not be guaranteed, because the intermediary does not have the plant, no own equipment, the quality of the card can not be The quality of the cards cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, customers who purchase chip cards can go directly to Feiyue Smartcard or other manufacturers to have their cards made.

ID cards also have an independent system, so remember to note your password after the system is encrypted to facilitate the purchase of cards in the future.

The magnetic stripe card and id card like only "card number", and does not have any secrecy function. The magnetic stripe card production process, first of all, you have to know your card is high hyper magnetic stripe card or against hyper magnetic stripe card (Note: If you do not know, you can mail the sample card to our company for you to test), the second card writing magnetic process need to write that track magnetic stripe, magnetic stripe generally have a track, two track, three track, most customers will choose to write two expensive magnetic, so as to ensure that the card can be read smoothly.

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