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Metal card design concept - xrfid card making

Metal card is in the membership card, business card, VIP card in a relatively high-end card, it is a blend of modern design ideas, performance extreme style. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with the value of collection, gift. It can be used for business gifts, advertising gifts, etc. This gold card is made of high grade imported copper material and is refined through multiple processes such as stamping, etching, plating and lacquering. It has a unique embossed three-dimensional sense and real gold-like colour, and is the preferred material for making high-grade VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative cards and calendar cards.   

   It is available in a range of colours, such as electrodeposited spot colour base, electrodeposited colouring dot, gold plated laser base, gold plated fine dot, gold plated frosted base, fine dot image, etc. It can also be specially designed according to the customers specifications. In addition, this card is also particularly suitable for making various commemorative cards for commemorative and long-term collection, such as: newlyweds, school celebrations, opening, conferences, retirement and other special commemorative, welcome the major hotels, hotels, clubs nationwide to our company to order.

Metal card production process instructions.


Thickness:The common thickness is 0.35mm, also can do 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm 0.1cm and other thickness.

Lace: can be selected from the companys lace library or designed at will.

Backing: can only be selected from the companys backing library (or by sample card) or designed and moulded by the customer

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