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Contact ic card main compatible chip

 IC card from the interface is divided into two kinds of cards, one is contact ic card, a non-contact ic card, our province card is the use of non-contact ic card principle production, can directly read the information.

The contact IC card is the same size as the credit card we usually see, but it has an integrated circuit chip with memory or microprocessor embedded in its surface. The main card types are: SLE442 (SLE5542), SLE4428 (SLE5528), FM4442, FM4428, BL7442, BL7448, AT24C01A.

     Main compatible cards


     ISSI24C02: Compatible with AT24C02

     ISSI24C16: Compatible with AT24C16

     ISSI24C64: AT24C64 compatible

     ISSI4442: SLE5542 compatible

     ISSI4428: SLE5528 compatible

    2. Fudan

     FM4442: SLE5542 compatible

     FM4428: SLE5528 compatible

    3. Beiling

     BL7442: SLE5542 compatible

     BL7428: SLE5528 compatible

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