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Lianyungang issued travel "a card" citizens happy to travel

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At present, in many cities have issued a travel card "one card", not only allows citizens to visit the citys tourist attractions, but also so as to drive the development of the citys tourism industry. A few days ago, Lianyungang issued travel "one card" citizens happy to travel, not only to save people money, but also enrich peoples lives.

Travel card

The citys various types of scenic areas, ticket prices vary, some of the scenic area ticket prices are high, for the public, spend the least amount of money, repeatedly visit the beauty of their hometown has become a luxury. How to let the public do the master of the beautiful scenery of their hometown and benefit from the major scenic areas?

From the beginning of this year, the citys tourism department by going out to study, drawing on the practices of Shandong, Henan and other excellent tourist cities, the citys Huaguoshan, Liandao, Fishing Bay, Kongwang Mountain, Peach Blossom Stream, Shibang Mountain, Donglei, Peacock Gorge, Cloud Stream, Ganyu Dayishan, Ganyu Po Boat Mountain, Anti-Japanese Mountain

Lianyungang issued tourism "one card" citizens happy to travel

12 well-known scenic areas, such as bundled together to the annual travel card "a card" form, to the public recommended for the annual travel card. Now, the public only need to spend 24% of the total admission price of the 12 scenic areas, you can go in and out of the above 12 scenic areas numerous times in a year.

Yesterday morning, living in the Xinpu District Pudong Street, Master Feng got the community to help its annual ticket card for tourism, Master Feng told reporters, this is good, the citys 12 famous scenic areas in a year as long as you see once, it is equivalent to saving 200 yuan. At the beginning of this year, the city for the public to promote the tourism annual ticket this project, the city has 124,000 citizens for the tourism annual ticket, according to the current admission price calculation, has been for the public to save ticket costs 24.8 million yuan.

Tourism card

At the same time, in order to facilitate the public to know and apply for the annual travel card, the city tourism department actively cooperate with the financial, telecommunications, media, community and other services, the annual travel card processing window to the doorstep of the public, while simplifying the processing procedures, from the speed of the annual travel card. At present, the citys annual tourist card processing window has increased to 46, throughout the citys four counties and four districts, six months for the total number of annual tourist card has reached 124,000 people.

According to the City Tourism Bureau annual ticket office of the person in charge, if in accordance with half a year for 120,000 tourism annual card calculation, the next year the citys annual tourism card is expected to rush up to more than 200,000, which means that the public can save 40 million yuan a year from a small annual card in tourism ticket expenses. And for the major scenic areas, after the concessions to the people brought a super high popularity, but also activated the enthusiasm of foreign tourists to travel to Lian, a win-win industrial chain on this longer and longer.

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