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IC card in the use of how to choose?

IC how to choose the card in use?

Now IC cards are widely used in all fields of peoples lives, but there are many kinds of ic cards. How to determine which one to use in the application of the system in different industries? ic card, there are some parameters IC card selection needs to be carefully considered.

IC card in the use of how to choose?

① If the IC card use environment is less than 0 ℃ best not to choose the time CPU card, because the CPU card working temperature of 0 ℃ when above. And MemoryCard can work -20℃ low temperature work.

② IC Siemens card has a working voltage indicator IC cards general working voltage is between 4.75V~5.25V. ATMEL companys IC cards working voltage is about 2.7V~5.5V.

IC card has life time. Its life is the number of times the IC card is erased depends on the Siemens IC card, referring to 10,000 times erasing life; ATMELs IC the indicator for 100,000 times erasing life.

IC card reader service life is mainly determined by two factors.

 the choice of the reader itself device.

 the service life of the card holder; the service life of the card holder is 100,000 times and 500,000 times respectively.

Some domestic manufacturers also produce a considerable number of card holders with service life less than 7000 times, mainly used for IC in the terminal table of card charges, such as IC card type electricity meter, civil water meter, gas meter, etc.

⑤ The read-write to IC cards power-up operation can only be carried out after receiving the instruction issued by the software, and, when IC card is not inserted, the return code of power-up error should be given.

⑥The most important problem in the read-write application is the reliability of the common building and system. This is a complex problem, currently using a variety of environments, from DOS operating system to WIN95. from FOXBASE, FOXPRO FOR DOS to Delphi3.0.

World famous technology companies such as Intel, Phillip, Siemens and Atmel (ATMEL) Microsoft has also invested heavily in recent years to dominate the smart card operating system. Thus, driven by many powerful international consortia, the smart card industry has formed an irreversible trend worldwide.

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