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How much is the price of ordinary keychain card

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Note: Different types, different card making process and quantity of keychain card, the price will be different, detailed keychain card production price quotation need to be specific or producer communication

How much is the price of ordinary keychain card

Keychain card production instructions.

  1. The correct order draft for coreldraw file, have done special effects into dot matrix, text, symbols, patterns must be converted into curves. 

  2. Inner frame specification: 85.5mm*54 mm, outer frame specification: 88.5mm*57 mm, card rounded to 12 degrees.

  3. The small embossed code is in font size 12 and the large embossed code is in font size 18, which can be indicated in bold. The embossed code can be stamped with gold and silver or other gold and silver, and the embossed code can be personalized upon special request.

  4. The distance between the embossed code and the card must be greater than 5mm, the magnetic stripe must be 4mm from the edge of the inner frame (top and bottom) of the card, and the width of the magnetic stripe must be 12mm.

  5. Keychain card chip card: the position of the convex code design should not press the chip on the back or the chip will not be able to swipe the card.

  6. Convex code design position do not press to the back of the barcode otherwise it will not be able to read the barcode data, barcode card according to the customer to provide the barcode model to leave empty space.

  7. Color gradation: the more ideal stage range is 18%-85%, if the highlight part is lower than 18% or the dark part is higher than 85%, the color gradation is poor.

  8. color mode should be C, M, Y, K, positive and negative pure black text or black background fill K100, pure color block anti-white characters, white characters need to add white border.

  9. The thickness of the lines should not be less than 0.076 mm, otherwise printing will not be rendered.

  10. The setting of the color of the base line or base picture should not be less than 8%, so that the finished product will not be rendered when printed.

  11. The file for making keychain cards should specify the following in the manuscript before placing the order:

  A. State how many cards will be made in total, indicate from which card number and special requirements, card number for small convex code, large convex code, flat code or spray code? Does the card number need to be stamped with gold, silver or no color? How many signature strips are there on the back? Does the card number or the last number of "4" or "7" have to be removed.

  B. If there is a pattern or text on the front need to be stamped gold or silver also need to focus on marking.

  C. Keychain cards with special production process should be detailed in the draft of the next order.

  12. Because the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed product and the computer display or print out of the color manuscript will have a certain color difference.

  13. Color filling needs to be filled in accordance with the CMYK color book, computer screen color and printer print color, can not be done as the printing color.

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