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Metal cards are mainly divided into gold cards and silver cards

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Metal cards are mainly divided into gold cards and silver cards. Metal cards are made of advanced imported copper, finely crafted by stamping, corrosion, electroplating, paint filling and other processes. It has a unique embossed three-dimensional sense and real gold, noble and elegant, with the value of collection, gifts, can be used for business gifts advertising gifts, etc..

Metal cards are mainly divided into gold cards and silver cards

Metal card production materials and process specifications

Metal card production process specifications.

①Size: there are usually three kinds, 85mm×54mm, 80mm×50mm, 76mm×44mm, other shapes and sizes of shaped cards can also be made according to customer requirements.

②Thickness: commonly used thickness of 0.36mm, can also be made 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, etc., and finally can be thickened 0.8mm thickness, thicker cost higher.

③Color: general screen printing color control in 2-3 kinds of below.

④Lace: can also be designed at will, need vector pattern. In addition, if the lace needs to be empty, you need to consider the continuity of the lace, do not break point or broken edge.

⑤ Base pattern: mainly frosted base, cloth pattern, RF pattern

⑥Coding: can be divided into printing code (also known as flat code), corrosion convex code, corrosion concave code, corrosion concave-convex code. When the number is corroded, corroded concave-convex code directly delayed

⑦ swipe card mode: magnetic stripe or contact chip

Metal cards are widely used, and can be applied to high-end cards in various industries.

①Leisure: golf membership card, cruise/yacht membership card, bar stored value card KTV membership card, movie theater membership card

②Life services: airline membership card, real estate membership card, health check membership card, hairdressing stored value card, beauty stored value card, fitness stored value card, leisure club stored value card, foot massage city membership card, plastic surgery hospital membership card, wedding photography membership card, travel agency membership card S membership card, auto repair card, club membership card

③Shopping and retailing: shopping mall membership card, department store membership card, specialty store membership card, bookstore membership card, optical store membership card, clothing store membership card, jewelry store membership card, boutique membership card, cosmetic membership card, home membership card, pharmacy membership card, mother and child store membership card, website gift card

④Food and beverage: restaurant/restaurant membership card, restaurant membership card, hotel membership card, hot pot restaurant membership card, western restaurant membership card, cafe membership card, teahouse membership card, bakery membership card, dessert store membership card

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